Whoops! My recap is a little later than normal today because I just got back from an INCREDIBLE overnight trip to Glacier National Park. I cannot wait to recap the awe-inspiring hike I went on. But let’s get into the week of workouts shall we?

Friday- Rest Day

Saturday- 3 mile walk

I was supposed to run 11 miles but it is so hard to get motivated to workout when you’re camping. Instead I walked the dogs to a mountain lake and back and called it good.


Sunday- Nothing

Monday- 40 minute run

Do you know what makes for a tough coulee run? When at the beginning, a well-meaning bicyclist tells you he saw a “huge rattlesnake” cross the path just below and that you have to watch your step. AHHHHH!! I spent my whole run watching the grass next to the path. At one point I saw something on the path next to me and I screamed and jumped and it was the shadow of my arm. Ha ha ha!


Tuesday- Nothing

Yoga day turned into a rest day.

Wednesday- Hill Strides

The original workout was 5X60 second hill strides but it went more like; 60 sec, 45, 45, 60, 30, 30. Ha ha! 60 seconds uphill is a long time!


Thursday- 10 mile hike to Iceberg Lake.


Ahhhhhh…..so incredible! I still can’t believe these unbelievably gorgeous places exist. Hiking is the most fun workout ever!

I HAVE to get out tomorrow for my long run, it’s the longest I’ll do in my training cycle 12.5 miles. Seawheeze is coming up! Eek!

How was you week of workouts?

Have you ever had a rattlesnake encounter?

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