Reality competition shows have somewhat been part of our lives for the greater part of this century. Take The X-Factor, for instance. At first, the British television music program, created by the notorious reality show icon Simon Cowell, was intended as a temporary replacement for the slumping Pop Idol franchise. Later on, the show caught wind and made stars out of Shayne Ward, Leona Lewis, and five teenagers known globally (or formerly) today as One Direction – just to name a few.

With its rising stock in the reality show industry, The X Factor branched out to different countries worldwide. Outside the United Kingdom, the franchise enjoys constant commercial success in Australia, Denmark, and Italy. The show will soon even have an online modification called ‘The X Factor Games’. By now you might be wondering what a TV talent competition is doing on a lifestyle website. To answer the doubts that linger in your head, look no further than the above mentioned countries where The X Factor franchises are popular.

In more ways, reality television success is one of the many determining factors of a thriving tourism industry. Matthew R. Haney wrote a complex study on its effects in the whole travel landscape, while Puiu Nistoreanu focused on how these programs promote and increase the competitiveness of tourist destinations. Australia, Denmark, and Italy may not be all at the top of the list in terms of sheer numbers, but these nations present travellers distinctly unique factors.

Australia: The Outdoor Haven


Other than kangaroos and boomerangs, Australia is best known as a legitimate adventure destination. This mainland of the Australian continent is the sixth largest country in total area, making it a perfect place for us to enjoy the outdoors. Locals and tourists enjoy picturesque settings perfect for backpacking, camping, and cross-country driving. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Uluru, white sand beaches to the scenic outback regions, we can truly savor the outdoors in a country bustling with natural beauty. Furthermore, Australia also features a plethora of water activities, underlined by world-class surfing spots in Gold Coast, Tasmania, and all the Northern Beaches. Essentially, we’ll find plenty of quests to do in the land Down Under.

Denmark: The Friendly Bunch


Denmark, to put things lightly, is a captivating country. It enchants everyone with wonderful architecture and equally lovely people. Though its storied history suggests the vigor and the ruggedness of Vikings, this European nation makes the most of it and embraces travellers with classic medieval magic. In addition, Danes are generally friendly and hospitable. They welcome tourists with open arms, and sometimes, if we meet the right crowd, invite us to party like there’s no tomorrow. Among the go-to spots are Copenhagen, which is ideal for experiencing a mix of day and nightlife, and Aarhus, a quiet university town castles, museums, and the world famous Legoland. All in all, with a rich culture and a bunch of warm (amidst the cold) people, Denmark has the power to subconsciously invite us to extend our stay.

Italy: The Renaissance Land


Great cuisine, gorgeous countryside, and lovely works of art, these are just a few phrases to describe Italy. Apparently, expert travellers say our lives wouldn’t be complete without ever visiting this European gem. It has the potion that makes us fall in love all with the country again and again. On the flipside, determining where to begin with this trip also presents a great challenge. Florence has lovely vineyards and one of the most important artworks in the era David, while Rome highlights the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and Vatican City, among others. Cinque Terre offers scenic views at Chiesa di Santa Margherita and Torra Guardiola, while Venice epitomizes romance with popular sites such as Piazza San Marco and Lido. In short, Italy gives us more reasons to love the country over and over again.

Disclaimer:This is a Guest Post from Katie Wilson.

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