Friday Fitness- Ice Time

Another belated Friday Fitness recap but better late than never right? My first week of student teaching is officially done and I’m feeling pretty good so far. I have to spend this weekend planning and learning all the electricity lessons because I’ll be teaching science for the next four weeks!

In terms of workouts, this week has been more activities than workouts. I struggle in the winter because dark means sleep time and it’s dark by 5pm. I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night and woke up at 8am this morning! 11.5 hours of sleep! Rachel the bear.

I’ll be spending this weekend getting in some longer runs and I’m a bit nervous about running in the cold. I’ve always taken it indoors to the treadmill in the winter but now I’m not near the school gym so outdoors I must go!

Friday- 26km easy hike on Lakeshore Trail

Samara and I did a nice long hike in summer-like weather (+15C) along the Waterton Lakeshore Trail. It felt so good to spend an entire day outdoors and moving my body.


Saturday– Recover from hike

Sunday- Nothing

Monday– 6 mile run

I’m really excited to see that over time my natural pace is slowly starting to improve. For YEARS if I just jogged at a comfortable pace it was 12 min/mile. Trying to go any faster meant I couldn’t sustain the pace. But I’m noticing my pace getting a little better and I was excited that on a run that I never glanced at my pace and ran/walked at whatever speed felt goo was an 11:26 min/mile. I’m speeding up!


Tuesday– 1 hour hockey

I mentioned I’m trying my hand at women’s rec hockey here in Magrath and I’m having so much fun! I look like a seven year old out there but I have a smile on my face the entire time.  I’m starting to get the hang of skating on hockey skates, though the lack of ankle support is really freaking me out. I even scored a goal! But now I need to learn the rules.Offside? What? Ha ha ha!

My borrowed gear

My borrowed gear

Wednesday– Nothing

Thursday– Curling

Curling season is back! It’s hard to classify it as a workout but it’s active so I put it down.

Changing Up My Routine

The change in weather and my schedule means I am going to have to change up my entire routine, from the morning rituals to eating schedule to workouts. For years I have gotten up a half hour earlier than I needed to for blog reading and coffee drinking, now, I’m hoping to do early morning workouts. I have to figure out snacks with some staying power because I can no longer snack whenever I feel like it. I also can’t go grab a cup of coffee whenever I’m sleepy. We’ll see where this journey takes me.

How do you handle routine transitions?

Any tips for dressing for cold weather runs?

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