It’s back! I was debating saying goodbye to Friday Fitness altogether (so many of my favourite blogs dropped it for the new year) but then I was told I had to keep a record of my physical fitness and eating as part of my Physical Education program this year. I figured, easy- I’ll just keep doing my Friday Fitness recaps! At the end of semester, I can copy and paste them and my report is finished! Easy breezy right?

Jan/Feb Fitness Goals

I signed up for the Banff Half Marathon in June and plan to start focusing on my training in March. I decided to keep me focused for January and February I would set a couple of goals. Last year all I did was run, hike, and go to yoga. Going to HIIT classes with my mom over the holidays showed me how much I lacked in upper body and core strength.

Strength Train 2-3 times a week

I don’t mean hitting the weights hard necessarily either. Doing body weight strengthening will help too and that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Strengthen My Core

I have ALWAYS had a weak core. Even as an athlete, my core strength was my biggest weakness. I learned in Kinesiology that it’s a common problem for people who have improper alignment. People who tilt their pelvis’s out (stick their butts out), rather than have them tucked in properly tend to have weak cores and hamstrings (hello three hamstring tears!).

Because of this, I want to do core strengthening every single day. Even if it’s just holding a plank for a few minutes a day. I’m also trying to tuck my pelvis back in where it belongs.

I’ll be working away at these goals while squeezing in a demanding school schedule, blogging, and two part time jobs. Wish me luck that I can keep it all together.

This last week was the first of classes and went really well. I wish I had recorded all my workouts over the holidays because it was the best fit-cation ever!

My Week of Workouts

SundayIce skating

I skated in -20C on a frozen mountain lake for 1:45. I bet my body burned a lot!

Monday- 30 minute interval workout and abs/arms with Sworkit

I love having a morning workout buddy! Paula and I carpool into school and we agreed that twice a week we would get to school early to fit in a workout before class. Today we did a 30 minute interval run on the treadmill and because we still had time, I busted out the Sworkit app for abs and arms.

WednesdaySworkit Boot camp workout for 25 minutes

We ran a bit late so by the time we got to the gym, our 45 minute workout was reduced to 30. We busted out another Sworkit app and man did that get me huffing and puffing and my arms burning. We cut it down to 25 minutes though when we looked at the time.

Thursday– Yoga Rave

Free yoga rave! Woot! Woot! The University Sports & Rec department hosted this event and I talked as many people as I could into coming. The gym was packed and we had our faces painted and glo sticks on to get our high energy Om on! Doors opened at 7 and at 6 I came down to the gym to run and there were already girls lining up. The first 25 people got a free Halfmoon yoga mat. Since I want to have a collection of 20-25 mats for my future career as a PE teacher, I decided I was a student with extra time on my hands and I waited in line. New yoga mat for the win!

And that was my week!

How was your week?

Have you ever been to a yoga rave?


  • GiGi Eats January 15, 2017 at 8:19 am

    Strengthening my core and my booty = two of my goals… ALWAYS! My only problem with my core strengthening is that I don’t have feeling in my lower abdominal region thanks to surgery, but OH WELL! That’s not excuse to not even try!

    • Rachel January 15, 2017 at 8:27 am

      Oh yikes! That would definitely make it tougher!


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