I would be more excited about it being Friday if I didn’t have so much to do for school and life this weekend, but happy Friday all the same. It was a good week for me workout wise because of PE class and Heather working out with me! It’s hard for me to have a steady workout buddy these days because all my friends are moms making it tough for them to fit in a workout. I just LOVE having a buddy though. It’s so much fun to have someone to push you, to laugh with, to also tell you they’re dying.

Sunday- 2 hours xc ski

Phew! Cross country skiing is one hell of an all body workout. I planned a girls trip a month ago (those mamas needed to arrange child care) and hit the trails with my gal pals. At first we were all a bit awkward and slow but on the way back we went at such a good pace that I was super sweaty. (A recap post is coming, I promise).

Monday- Pickle ball & NTC workout 

Monday and Wednesday are my PE days and the last hour of the three hour class we are in the gym applying what we learned. I learned I’m a pretty decent pickle ball player!

It was just after PE class that Heather and I went to work out and busted out the good old Nike Training Club app. This is where we learned that Nike’s definition of intermediate was different than ours, because that workout was TOUGH! I was soaked in sweat from head to toe and had to go to work afterward. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked that hard and my legs were so sore the next day it hurt to sit on the toilet- that’s when you know you had a killer workout.

Wednesday- Badminton & Arms & Core

I was back in the gym playing badminton and it’s funny because you don’t think of it as being to tough but that heart rate does get up there! I can never play badminton without thinking of this though:

Afterward, Heather and I hit the gym and used the Sworkit App this time to do 15 minutes of upper body and 10 minutes of core before our next class.

Thursday- 30 minute interval run & curling

I normally don’t workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I’m in classes all day from 9-4 but because I knew today (Friday) was going to be too busy for me to get in a workout, I hit the treadmill at lunch for a 30 minute interval workout before my next class.

Finished off the week with curling where sweeping was tough because of my sore arms. One of our teammates came straight to the rink from a wedding and I had to take a photo and share it. 🙂

SLEEP– Also, I am always being asked where I get all my energy from and the answer is lots of sleep and lots of coffee! You have to prioritize your sleep above all else people!

How was your week? 

Do you have a go to workout buddy?

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