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I have had a massive travel bug since about October and when I was approached to watch and share the Be Okinawa videos “Life, by Okinawa,” that wanderlust just amplified!

Warning: watching these videos will cause severe wanderlust and add yet ANOTHER place to your travel bucket list.

This was a cool perspective compared to most travel videos because they approach the travel experience from three different experiences and they are all focused on a lot of interaction with the people.

Natural Beauty

The first was a couple of Fashion PR gals from L.A. They step away from the world of Instagram filters and fashion icons to experience beauty through Okinawa’s eyes which included massages, tea making, biking, and local arts. They also talked to local women about aging and the very different perspective in that culture on aging.


An Alternative Fitness Regime

The second video was a (very good looking) German fashion blogger who lives to workout learning karate. Okinawa is the birthplace of modern karate and Daniel gets to train with a Karate master.  Karate is not about attacking it is about defendingand persistence is key.



A Human Connection

The last experiential clip is with Tracy, a busy entrepreneur form Singapore who is always on her phone. (Doesn’t that sound familiar?)  She talks to the cutest Samiko, 98 year old who credits her longevity to home grown vegetables and daily exercise and gardening. Tracy goes hiking and scuba diving and eats with different families, it taught her to slow down.

Samiko’s advice is something everyone should listen to:

 “If you stay active you can live to 100”

Watching this videos reminds you of what you can do and learn by travelling to different places and cultures. Can I be done school and start work now so I have the funds to travel?

If you want to learn more about these experience you can visit Be Okinawa.

This post has been sponsored by Be Okinawa but my thoughts are, as always, my own.

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