I often praise my mom because that lady is a bad ass! Every year at Christmas I hit the gym with her and she kicks my ass at high impact work outs. She does tuck jump burpees! Mad respect!

When I was with her at Christmas I noticed that after about 40 minutes I had to dial down my effort because my right knee begun to ache and feel stiff. That was a new development, so when I talked to her she said that she finds taking high quality calcium supplements helped her with her knee and joint pain from the impact of jumping around. She says when she doesn’t take it she really notices it. She told me that she noticed a big difference between the good quality calcium supplements and the poor quality ones.

I decided to get on the calcium train in the new year and here enters AlgaeCal, an organic calcium supplement. I swear to you, when I say I need to find a product for an issue I’m having, the universe hears it and sends me an email from a company with the product I need.

AlgaeCal plant calcium is different than most calcium you buy in the drug store because it’s a marine algae calcium. The calcium is harvested from algae plants. This type of calcium seems to have more effect with smaller doses than traditional calcium, and it contains 2 – 4% magnesium, plus 11 trace minerals shown to play a role in bone health in addition to calcium.

Who knew that algae had calcium in it? They use wild-harvested, plant-sourced calcium derived from a South American marine algae called lithothamnium superpositum. The entire kiwi-fruit sized algae is hand harvested, sun dried, then milled into a powder. There is no extraction process or additives used – just pure whole food calcium and minerals coming from a living plant, so it is also an ideal vegetarian calcium and osteoporosis supplement.

AlgaeCal helped my knee pain by providing me their natural bone building supplements, AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost. A 7-year study showed women in their mid 60’s gained 7.3% more bone over 7 years. Another study found that five groups of adults with various AlgaeCal calcium supplement formulations all increased bone density outright in 6 months to one year.

I’ve only been taking these supplements for two weeks so I can’t say whether or not my bone density is improving, but I am hopeful that my knee pain will subside as I continue to take them and I’ll have healthier bones for it.

Obviously, calcium is more for bone density and strength than joint pain. Osteoporosis is a very real issue we ladies have to think about as we get older.  Did you know that most people reach their peak bone mass in their mid 30’s?  Every year there after, you begin to lose about 1% of your bone density. Oh man- as if I didn’t feel old enough!

A few factors that can contribute to osteoporosis include; lack of weight bearing exercise, lack of sufficient Vitamin D, lack of estrogen, not eating enough fresh, natural foods, not supplementing as you age.  I meet three of of those four factors- yikes!

Do you find supplements help with knee pain?

What supplements are you taking and why?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but my opinions are, as always, my own. My mom does swear by calcium for her knee pain in her workouts. if she had social media you could ask her! Ha ha!

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