Help Your Dry, Winter Skin

I have been complaining since October about how dry my skin is. I can’t wear foundation because it highlights the teeny tiny dry flakes all over my skin despite regular exfoliating and daily moisturizing. I’ve been trying moisture masks, exfoliating, moisturizers and it’s just not working.

I’m always on the look out for products to help and Oil Me North offered to help me tame my poor skin by sending samples of their line of Super Budders.

Oil Me North is a Canadian company that uses a combination of therapeutic grade essential oil, coconut and hemp oil skin and body lotion to create these products. I was anxious to give them a try because they are 100% oil based which a friend suggested I do.

If you’re a fan of natural products, then Oil Me North is a company to look at. All their products are certified:

  • Wildcrafted & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Earth Friendly
  • Vegan

So what was the verdict?

I’m obsessed!!! I first started off with the Super Budder Original.  It went on pretty oily and I was worried that it wouldn’t absorb into my face but it did after about 20 minutes. After that, my skin was so moist and supple.

The next one I tried was the Lady Budder and that has been my absolute favourite smell-wise. Whatever the essential oil used in this product is, my face smells so good for the 20 minutes or so until my skin fully absorbs it.

Super Skin is very rich! I found that this one takes a long time to fully absorb and so I’ve made it my evening moisturizer.

What about pimples? 

You know how scary it can be putting stuff all over your face. I was worried that using such oily and rich products might cause pimples from clogged pores but I haven’t had a single one. It’s the natural ingredients.

Dry, Flaky Skin?

On Friday I put these products to the ultimate test and put on foundation and powder for the first time since the fall. How did it go? A few dry flakes on my nose and that’s it! Before, my entire face would be filled with noticeable coloured flakes of dry skin. Success!

So far I have only used these three of the seven products but I’m already worried about running out! (And I have seven sample bottles). My skin is feeling so much better, so much healthier and dewy.

Look how dewy my skin looks! This is with NO foundation, powder, or anything on my face!


I loved my Oil Me North samples so much, I went back to the company and asked for a promo code for my readers and followers.

Buy your Oil Me North now and get a 10% Off code with an additional FREE Mini Healthy Heart Budder with your first purchase.

Use the code “betterlivin” at the checkout.
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