Valentine’s Day- a day for candy, love, and the stress of buying a present.

I have returned almost every gift Ryan has gotten me. Terrible right? But unless I tell him EXACTLY what I want, he’ll get something I don’t like or need and he gets so insulted when I return or exchange them. I think it’s even become his go to excuse to stop buying me gifts “you return everything I buy you anyway.”

We typically don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because our wedding anniversary is five days before. But even then, gift giving for our anniversary is troublesome.

If you have a picky person in your life, here are some ideas if they love working out and the outdoors.

TomTom Adventurer Watch

You all know I LOVE my TomTom Spark, but I’ve just switched to the TomTom Adventurer. Happy early Valentine’s Day to me!

This watch has all of the features of Spark 3 I love PLUS a built-in barometer made for hikers, trail runners and skiers that allows you to calculate your altitude. Built tough to stand up to all your outdoor adventures, yet stylish enough for everyday use. The watch is water resistant up to 40 meters, perfect for when I attempt SUP yoga! Ha ha! The feature I love the most is that you can upload trail coordinates to the watch to lead you while you are out OR track your path so you never get lost (Ryan loves that feature too).

(Retail value: $499.99) For more information click here

Weekend Adventure Getaway

You don’t have to jet off  to somewhere tropical for a romantic getaway. Surprise your significant other with a weekend trip (maybe not during Valentine’s weekend since thats crazy) to anywhere that’s within a two hour drive to where you live. Utilize AirBnB to find a cozy, out of the way rental where you two can unplug and enjoy quality time together.

Ryan and I are headed to Waterton Lakes Lodge this weekend to celebrate our anniversary where we got a killer package deal on a room, dinner, and cross country ski rentals.

Even better? Find a back country hut through Alpine Club of Canada and book a weekend in the backcountry where you have to ski or snowshoe in and out.


Snowshoes are the most affordable winter gear you can find and snowshoeing is such a simple activity anyone can do it. What’s more romantic than getting out and away from everyone and curling up under a blanket and sipping hot chocolate with your significant other? Not only is it super romantic, but the pictures look great on Instagram! Ha ha ha!


Photo Album

This is an easy and romantic gift. I think most people nowadays have thousands of photos but not a single one has been printed off. Why not use an online service like Shutterfy to find great shots of you and your love adventuring and having fun and great a special printed album they can flip through whenever they want to give their eyes a break from the screen.

Whatever you plan to get your love this Valentine’s Day, make sure you remember the most important part is  appreciating your love year round.

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