Lately, I’ve been really concerned with my plastic consumption. After a conversation with my grandma, reducing my plastic consumption is best for our planet. Naturally, I make sure that I bring a water bottle with me wherever I go so I never need to buy a disposable one.

This spring, Brita released the hard sided water ‘Me to We’ water bottle. This 700mL bottle that has a replaceable water filter that reduces chlorine taste and odour.It’s also BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Here’s the important part:

ONE Brita Bottle filter can replace up to 300 plastic water bottles

Brita is partnering with WE on a campaign that supports borehole (essentially wells) in Irkaat, Kenya and provides the community of more than 1,800 people access to clean water.

Every purchase of the specially marked Brita ME to WE bottle helps provide a year’s supply of clean water to a person in the Irkaat, Kenya community.

Each product comes with a Track Your Impact code so you can see exactly how your purchase made an impact, you go online and enter your unique code. The code is on the bottle packaging so find it and take a picture of it before you throw it away like I did!

My only issue using the bottle is sipping through the filter straw. I like to CHUG my water during lessons when I’m yelling across an entire gym and the filter straw sips too slowly or me. The answer to that is to just tip it back, the water will flow faster.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Brita Canada. My thought and opinions are, as always, my own. 

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