I’m a little behind schedule. Normally I dedicate Easter weekend to spring cleaning but this year I was having fun in Utah with my family instead.  I LOVE spring cleaning! It feels so good to air out my house, deep clean areas I’ve ignored all winter, and just start off the warm season feeling fresh.

I’m getting more into it than normal this year. I’m making list after list to spring clean more than my house, but also my life! I just finished a pretty stressful school year and I am spending these next couple months getting my sh** together!

You see, balance is something I haven’t figured out yet when it comes to teaching. During my student teaching practicums, I couldn’t focus on a thing except my job. When I finished practicum everything else in life was a compete mess.

I plan to avoid that this fall when I do my third and final practicum. A big focus of mine is to SIMPLIFY.

I’ve been purging my home of  unnecessary stuff ever since I moved in but then Clorox sent me a spring cleaning kit along with a copy of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

I paired this cleaning kit and awesome book with a long to-do list and have started to get to work on cleaning up my home and life.

Mail call!

I have a few areas I’m really focusing on this spring.

Hair! Hair! Everywhere! It’s got to go!

Between two black dogs, a hairy husband and my bleached locks, there is hair all over my house! I’m constantly sweeping and lint rolling hair off every surface and washing bedding and blankets weekly. My sister in law said she vacuums her hardwood floors because it picks up hair better than a broom. I’ve been doing that and  it does work better than a broom.

I also used Clorox special HAIR declogger in my bathtub and it was awesome! Ready to be grossed out? A couple times a year, our bathtub clogs and I go in with long tweezers and pull out clumps of black, slimy, soggy hair. (Yes it makes me gag). Draino didn’t work and until I got my package, I had no idea they made de-cloggers especially for hair. I filled my drain with that globby goo and voila! My tubs drains better than ever!

I’m also looking at pet hair air filters online. Something that can suck the hair out of the air. I just haven’t found one with too high of a rating. Any suggestions?

I’m almost ready to start vacuuming my dogs every day and beat them to the punch. Ha ha!

Organize the foyer & closet

I need to find used or cheap closet organizational shelves. And I need SOME sort of storage solution in my foyer. It’s a small space though which makes storing coats and shoes in there very difficult.

Simplify the living room

My living room is a cluttered mess. The furniture doesn’t match, there’s too much of it, my walls have very little decoration, it just feels BLAH! I’m going to Maria Kondo the crap out of this room over the summer.

This disaster of a living room!

Get wrinkles under control

Stress has brought on some permanent wrinkles and I’m not cool with it. I’m going to snag some rosehip oil, stick with my daily moisturizer and start using more masks. If I could stop stressing so much that would probably help too.

Fix my car up

My car is a disaster! I have a broken back door that has been permanently locked for more than a year, scratches from a dog on one door, scratches on the hood from a car wash, and a crack that runs through my entire windshield. I am in my car EVERY DAY and yet I treat it like garbage. And I feel like garbage when I get into a dirty, messy, car. I’m going to spend some time and money getting everything in order.

Meal Prep

This fits into healthy eating, stress free planning, and budget spring cleaning. I was doing really well during the semester but fell off the wagon as things got overly stressful. One new thing I’m incorporating is more composting when doing all this prep. The amount of compostable food scraps that accumulate on Sundays is insane. I didn’t even know they made compostable bags to gather all your scraps in,  but I’ll definitely be utilizing this!

Those are my main focuses this spring, how about you?

Are you an avid spring cleaner like myself?

Do you have an area of life you’re focused on spring cleaning?


This post was written in collaboration with Clorox. 

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