I know I’ve said this before on this blog but I am obsessed with iced tea in the spring and summer. I’m not a big pop or juice fan, but it’s so refreshing to drink a cold flavoured drink on a nice day. The only problem is that unless you get unsweetened, the tea you buy at the store is FULL of sugar- often more than pop!

Enter Sweet by Nature herbal water enhancers. Now, just because I opened talking about iced tea, don’t think that’s what these are. These are flavoured water enhancers with a ton of health benefits (and zero sugar). A great way to add some flavour to your water instead of reaching for sugary drinks.

I did a little digging and this company is based in Georgia, land of sugary sweet tea, so I can see why the company founders would want to create a healthy alternative.


Because these are water enhancers, you’re getting all the benefits of chugging a glass of water with additional benefits. I know a lot of people who hate drinking water, so this is a great way (and much more healthy than say Crystal Light) to flavour your water without the added calories.

Each package contains only two ingredients- organic honeybush and the organic flavouring.  It doesn’t have any of the chemicals/preservatives and other ingredients usually found in other products, and thus a clean label product.

What is Honeybush? 

Honeybush, the core ingredient in the enhancers, is an indigenous herb from South Africa that is used to make herbal and medicinal tea. It has been used for centuries by the local people due to its health characteristics.

Honeybush offers many health benefits such as high level of antioxidants, being low in tannins, caffeine free, eight of fourteen minerals and vitamins for human health, presence of pinitol, magiferin, and phyto-estrogens.

The honeybush offers health benefits such as high level of antioxidants, being low in tannins, caffeine free, eight of fourteen minerals and vitamins for human health, presence of pinitol, magiferin, and phyto-estrogens. And one stick has the daily recommended amount of antioxidants according to the USDA.

The Verdict

When I first poured my stick into my water I was hesitant. The powder was dark brown and turned my drink a darkish red. It was very different from the fake colouring of other water enhancers.
But when I took a sip ME OH MY this is tasty! The flavouring is much stronger than I expected and the honeybush added a little natural sweetening.
My favourite flavour was the coconut, no, maybe the mango. Either one was my favourite! And I thought about how this would be the perfect drink to sip on my deck on a warm, sunny day. Now I just need a warm sunny day.

How to Get it

Oh my gosh, their website is cute! I love when companies have fun with their branding. You can buy your own product on their website. It’s $5(USD) for a pack of 5 sticks, so about $1 a stick or a 3 pack for $12.99(USD).
And their Insta is super cute and inspiring too if you want to give them a follow, I did!

The Founders

Because I found their branding so fun, I asked for more info on their founders, Keith and Auburn. They’re from Tennessee, home of the sweet tea, which to makes sense as to why someone would think of an herbal enhancer like this. Just as refreshing as sweet tea, but without all the sugar! “Our mission is to provide a healthy and refreshing option that, combined with water, brings great flavour and taste along with the cleanest label on the market.- Keith Bearden”
This post was written in collaboration with Sweet by Nature.

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