50 Ways to Stay Well #16 – Active Commuting

May! Warm weather and sunny days at last. Why not take advantage of the great weather and bike or walk to work? In a Statistics Canada 2011 survey on commuting they found only 5.7% of commuters walk and 1.3% cycle to work. It makes sense, who wants to bike or walk to work in -15C or in 100km/hr winds? But this summer is a GREAT time to make a commitment to actively commute to work at least one day each week!

I toy around with active commuting myself. Considering I live about 40km from work I play with the idea all time but have yet to just commit and bust out my old bike and give it a try.

An active commute can make a big contribution to your health.


Walking or bicycling for all or part of your commute has substantial mental benefits. A 2014 study that looked at psychological well-being among 18,000 British adults found that those who walked, biked, or took transit had a greater sense of well-being than those who drove.


Research shows that every additional hour per day you spend driving puts you at 6% greater risk of obesity, while every hour you spend walking reduces that risk by 4.8%.



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