This spring and summer I am killing it when it comes to my health! I’m doing everything I can to feel good from the inside out and you can too! Here are a few ways I’m currently (or planning) to improve my health this summer.

Morning Workouts

Longtime readers know I cannot get up early enough to do workouts- most of the time. But my schedule this summer starts pretty late by practicum standards- 9 a.m. I’ve been able to get up at 6:30 a.m. (which feels like sleeping in after a practicum of getting up at 5 a.m.) and eat breakfast and hit the gym at least three days a week.

It feels SO GOOD to have my workouts done because I can shower, put on my make up, and not have to worry about getting sweaty later. I’ve been actually wearing make up after a lifetime of mascara and eyeshadow and it’s a pain in the butt to reapply. Morning workouts have been the perfect solution.

Meal Plan

Last summer I took off a lot of weight by sticking with a meal plan. I have a new two month meal plan printed off and I’ve been doing good (with the exception of the day I did a 9 mile run and a 5 mile hike in one day) at sticking with it. People like me NEED a grocery list and a clear plan for the week in order to stick with it.

If you’re looking to lose some weight this summer, I highly recommend finding a meal plan you like and doing that. It makes for A TON of dishes though.


I have always been a big believer in supplements. I know a lot of experts say we should try to get our nutrients from food, but that’s pretty difficult and also- who has the time to break down the vitamins and minerals in their foods and determine if they had their daily recommended amount? I know I don’t!

I think supplements can be wonderful and I’ve seen great success with my hair when it comes to fish oil and biotin supplements. So when Sisu approached me offering to send me supplements t0 help me reach my health goals, I was super excited to go through their extensive catalogue.

I asked for things to help me in these four areas; anxiety, knee/joint pain, immune boosters, and hair, skin & nails. Sisu hooked me up with supplements for all four categories!


The L-Theanine stress rescue is a natural amino acid naturally found in green tea and derived through bacterial fermentation for supplements.

Like many people. I am always feeling a bit stressed balancing school with life and work and all that jazz. I’m always looking for ways to help me manage and I’m adding supplements to my yoga and exercises program.

Remember the vitamins we were given as kids that you would try and sneak more because they tasted like candy? The Sisu supplement is very similar! When I take all my other supplements I use this one as my ‘dessert’ supplement. And I now sound crazy. Ha ha!

This supplement helps balance brain neurotransmitters to help reduce anxiety and make you more relaxed without being sleepy.

This product has been known to help reduce stress levels within 20 minutes of taking it. Typically, I take all my supplements at once but since hearing that, I keep this one handy for when my stress levels spike. Just the other day I was super stressed about a bunch of homework and after 40 minutes of taking this I started to calm down. Until I got home and had to start that damn homework that is!


I have talked about increasing my supplement intakes to help with knee pain in the past. I don’t know what it is, but I turned 32 and all of a sudden my knees aches if I do high impact workouts or after a long run. Lucky me.

SISU No. 7

SISU No. 7 should help increase mobility, flexibility, and range of motion in my knees. 


Full Spectrum Curcumin has shown impressive preliminary results treating inflammation, particularly of the joints, skin, lungs and intestines, and significant impact on brain health and even cancer.

I’m actually hoping this may help with my foot pain. If you recall, I sustained a pretty serious foot injury a couple years ago and the damage was permanent. I tend to need cortisone shots to help me manage the pain.


Being in school with kids means I am exposed to a lot of germs! Being a student teacher means I can’t stay home with a sick day- I have assignments to finish as well as classes to teach. This fall, I’ll be teaching full time for a full semester and I have to make sure I have a strong immune system or I’ll spend a lot of time writing sub plans.


Ester-C is a Vitamin C supplement that delivers 24-hour immune support, a must have for someone so on the go like me- I don’t have the time for a sick day!

Another benefit is that this brand contains calcium so it’s like a 2-for deal.





People always ask me where I get my energy and I answer “Lots of sleep and lots of coffee.” Now I’ll add “Lots of supplements” to that list.

This rehydrating vitamin drink mix, multi vitamin and mineral supplement. One of Sisu’s most popular products, it has a ton of Vitamin C to boost energy levels and immunity as well as B vitamins, electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Everyone in my family uses a powdered vitamin mix when we feel an illness coming on. I’ve been fortunate to not have been sick AT ALL this winter (insane right?) but I’ll be sure to keep this handy come the fall.

Because of the electrolytes, this is a great drink to have after a run! Way healthier than a sugary sports drink with no nutritional value. It would also be tasty on a hot day. I have the pina colada flavor and it was really good. I just needed an umbrella and some ice cubes.


Is it vain to always be looking for supplements to help me look better on the outside? Ha ha!

I’ve had success in improving my hair health with fish oil and biotin, but I am always looking for supplements to help me from the inside out.

What interests me most about this specific formula is that it has been shown to prevent skin damage caused by UV exposure, improve wrinkles and increase skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness. SOLD!


I suggest checking out Sisu’s website as they have a huge variety of supplements- I only got some for five specific categories, they offer so much more!

I bought a pill dispenser from the Dollar Store to split up all my vitamins and make it easy to remember to take them every day. I feel a little like Samantha in Sex and the City 2- but supplements work and I can’t wait to improve my health this summer!

This spring is all about getting everything together and with the help of my pill organizer and armed with a great supply of supplements, this is another chink in my healthy armor.

Do you have any healthy initiatives you’re taking on this spring/summer?

Isn’t there just something about warm weather and long, sunny days that makes you want to look and feel your absolute best?

This post was written in collaboration with Sisu

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