Every summer I fantasize about having a killer outdoor living space. A space I can drink coffee and write blogs in the morning, where Ryan and I can sit and chat with a glass of wine in the evenings while the dogs watch the goings-on on our street.

We’re currently redoing the floor of our deck after my foot went through our old one this winter. It made for a nice place to shovel snow into over the winter, but with family coming for a reunion in August, I need some space to host dinner (my kitchen is way too small).

I’ll likely have to wait until next year after I’m back at work to create the outdoor space of my dreams, but I know the elements I want.

1. Contrasting Colours

I love the look of a dark stain deck with white railings. It helps that I currently have white railings so it’ll be easy to achieve this look.

2. Plants

Nothing makes an outdoor space prettier than lots and lots of plants! How dreamy is this one?

3. Privacy Slats

We live on the main road of our town across the street from a gas station so there is a lot going on when we sit on our deck. The dogs love it, but I want some privacy when I’m lounging on the deck. I definitely want to add lattice or something for some privacy as well as a pretty look.

4. String of Lights

Nothing makes any space prettier than a string of lovely lights. It adds such a romantic touch and would make me want to stay up all night sitting on my deck.

5. Water Fountain

I don’t know if anything relaxes me more than the sound of running water. My ultimate dream is to build a stream installation that runs the length of my backyard.

6. Comfy Furniture 

The days of plastic all weather furniture are over, it’s all about outdoor couches, loungers, and ottomans. Furniture.ca is a proudly Canadian company that has a large range of stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture.

Furniture.ca has a Satisfaction Guarantee and Price Match Promise in place to ensure you are always happy with your purchase. Delivery on all purchases over $799 are free of charge. The equivalent discount of any delivery charges will be automatically discounted in the shopping cart.

7. A Nice Umbrella

You can see why we have to wait until I’m working to put together the outdoor space of my dreams- but won’t it be epic when I finally get it put together?
What’s on your outdoor living space wish list?

Anything I should add to this extensive list?  

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Furniture.ca but my opinions on what I want to see on my deck are definitely my own.  

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