Hello guys and gals- next week is the Banff Half Marathon and I do NOT feel ready. But I’ll go out there and try my best. I’m ready to be done with distance running and switch my focus to shorter runs and weight lifting a little more anyway. I started to get back into a lifting routine but it was making my legs so darn heavy on my runs that I opted to wait until I wasn’t training anymore.


I’m so excited to share deets on BuffBoxx with you guys! It’s a monthly subscription box geared toward fitness, health, and wellness.  Each BuffBoxx contains premium, brand name fitness apparel, supplements, accessories and gym goods, healthy snacks, meal plans, & access to workout programs!

Trying to look buff while I hold my BuffBoxx ha ha!

What makes this noteworthy is that they actually ship to Canada! I’ve looked into several subscription boxes in the past and they didn’t pass that 49th parallel.

You can get the full box for $49.99/month (USD) or opt for the BuffBox LITE for $29.99/month.

What’s also pretty cool is that a portion of all proceeds go to one of the charity’s you choose to send it to.

This month I received;

  • A BuffBoxx tank
  • A Reebok Activechill tank (perfect for summer)
  • A waterproof bluetooth shower speaker (I may try to take it on a SUP trip too…)
  • a sample of Skull Crusher Coffee (sounds right up my alley)
  • Eflow’s Endure BCA amino acids
  • 4 primal kitchen almond bars  made with grass fed collagen!
  • Buffbox sunglasses
I’m so excited to see what each monthly box will bring! It’s a monthly fitness present, I love it! Check out Buffboxx for more information.

My Week

Ugh….. I’d rather talk about my new stuff than my week in fitness, I had a less than stellar long run. Let’s walk through it though it all anyway.

Friday- Two games of softball

I notice that my hamstrings are tightening up from all the distance running and lack of proper stretching. The best part of softball is getting to sprint but on Friday I was a hurting unit by the end of the night. My hamstrings were niggling a bit, so I have to be super careful to ice them and really stretch them out after running. My hamstrings are very susceptible to tears since I had a couple really bad ones during my cheerleading days.

Saturday– Sat and watched 5th grade basketball

Ace’s basketball tournament meant three, or was it four, basketball games in one day so I parked my butt on a plastic chair and hardly moved.

Sunday– 7.5 mile ‘run’ that should have been 13

Called in for help to get home! Went 6.5 miles out and after a half mile back couldn’t do it

This is the reason I want to skip over this. I had an AWFUL long run- so bad that I called Ryan to come pick me up at mile 7. I should have listened to my body because I woke up so sore and exhausted from softball still and my muscles were fatigued. But I pushed myself figuring I would get the cobwebs out as I went. Not so much. By the time I hit mile 7 it had been about 1:48:00!!!! I was going at about a 4 mile/hour pace. Brutal! So I called it. This just makes me more nervous about next Sunday!

Monday– 35 minute run

I got up early and enjoyed a warm summer day and an easy slow run.

Tuesday-40 minute run

Squeezed in my run on the treadmill in between classes.

Wednesday– 2 hour coulee clean up

We did the coulee clean up for work and did I ever sweat! It was a hot sunny day and we were tramping up and down the steep coulees between Whoop Up Drive and the University. I had my awesome dollar store sunhat to keep me from burning. Ha ha!

Thursday– Nothing

Only one more week of classes and this summer session is over! Thank goodness!

How was your week?

Have you ever had someone come pick you up when you were over a run? Ha ha!


  • Jo @ Living Mint Green June 9, 2017 at 8:40 am

    so fun! I love all the subscription boxes avail these days. This one is right up my alley!!

    • Rachel June 10, 2017 at 6:56 am

      I love it- It’s like a birthday present every month! And this one if great for fitness buffs. 🙂


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