Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe we’re already into July? Yeesh! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating Canada last weekend! How many of you got in a workout? Because I didn’t…whoops!

Now that I’m not training for a race, I’m looking to switch up my fitness focus and incorporate more strength training.  I found this great Fitness Horoscope on the Free People Blog and it was so accurate!


Adventurous, energetic, naturally athletic and a bit competitive, Sagittarians aren’t content with treadmill runs. On the contrary, Warrington says that to really get a great workout, you archers need something more adrenalin-pumping, like skiing or surfing. Activities like these offer killer full-body workouts, check off your risk-taking box and can even fulfill your love of travel. When you can’t jet off to a mountain or ocean, try something like CrossFit, adventure racing or trail running to satiate those adventurous needs.

Could this be describing any more? I wish I could do an all body workout like surfing every day. I need to get to Blakiston & Co. and do some paddle boarding in the mountains, that’s sure a full body workout.

I like the trail running suggestion too.

All this said, I’ll be figuring out my summer workout plans. This will definitely include hiking but I’m going to look at other outdoor activities that are fun and work my entire body.

Check out the link below and tell me if it was accurate about your workout personality! 

What’s the Best Workout for You According to the Zodiac?

So here is my week (it’s not great).

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- Play swimming

I went to the pool with the kids and played around in the water for about an hour. We did tricks, played basketball, and I threw them in the air.

Sunday–  Paddling

It’s not quiet an actual workout but paddling a canoe (especially in windy conditions) is one hell of an arm workout!

MondayA little bit of swimming while floating

We went floating on the river and I got in and did a little swimming when we needed to go in another direction.

Tuesday-  Nothing

Avoided the sun today- a little crispy from floating.

Wednesday2.5 mile run & leisurely biking

I finally got my buns out of bed and did a quick run before work. My days I workout in the morning are always so much better but getting u and out of bed are hard!

Ryan and I also biked around that evening geocaching! I was writing about geocaching for work and downloaded the app and found four caches in our small town. We had fun riding around and looking for the different caches.

Thursday– Nothing

As you can see, I need to get back at it so bad! I am enjoying not training a little too much I think.

I want to give a quick thanks to Skins for sending me my adorable matching compression running outfit!

Look ma! No head! Ha ha

What’s your favourite summer workout? 

Any suggestions for a fun full body workout I can take on this summer?


  • Becky @ The Bex Factor July 7, 2017 at 8:59 am

    Mine is totally INACCURATE. Barre is so not my favourite workout. I’d much rather lift heavy stuff than anything else.


    Known for their love of beauty and aesthetic, Libras are less likely to opt for a workout that leaves them sweaty, red-faced and gasping for air. But finding something effective and pretty? That’s a Libra’s sweat sweet spot. According to Warrington, barre workouts let you focus on balance and grace with their ballet-style movements while also toning and lengthening your muscles. What’s prettier than that?

    • Rachel July 7, 2017 at 11:35 am

      Bah ha ha ha! Ok- so we’re currently at 1-1. We’ll have to see if anyone else checks it out and agrees or disagrees. I’ve never tried barre- I’ve been meaning to give it a go!


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