There is nothing better to get you out of bed for an a.m. workout than super hot weather! We’ve been experiencing one hell of a heatwave the last little bit and by the time it cooled off enough to head out I was in bed. Literally- I went to be at 7:30 pm one night, I love to sleep. So this has had me getting up early and out.

I hope I can stick with this routines, I feel so good on the days I work out in the morning. And in the evenings, I can make dinner, study, clean and chill without feeling like I should be heading out for a workout.

Now that I’n not training for anything, I’m keeping my runs short and trying to work on increasing my speed. It’s slow-going, but if I stick with it I’ll get faster.

FridayTwo mile run

The walking paths in Magrath are almost exactly two miles around so I plan to work on increasing my pace every time.

Saturday-Sunday- Camping

Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- 30 minute HIIT with Nike Training Club

Wednesday- 60 minute bike ride

My friend Sara and I have really conflicting schedules this month so we decided to make one of my morning workouts a social thing- cure bike riding in the coulees! So fun!

Thursday- 2 miles run and 15 minutes abs with NTC

And that was my week. We’re headed to Sparwood this weekend for a wedding and the forecast looks good! Happy Friday everyone!

Any other apps I should look at for strength training ideas?

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