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It’s August and people are fitting in the last of their summer vacations before we settle into fall. I too am squeezing in as much fun as I can in this final week before I begin student teaching for the semester.

If you are lucky to get away, remember there are slip ups that we all make. I am a horrid packer! Remember when I went to Salt Lake for Easter? I forgot to pack shirts- SHIRTS! Ha ha!

But besides packing disasters, I always make some health mistakes too.  

Slipup 1: Throwing your regular diet out the window

You know how it goes. No vegetables with your dinner? “I’m on vacation!” Candy several times a day? “I’m on vacation!” And then you come home and you feel like crap!

While it’s fun to indulge or try new foods, it can be harder to manage a healthy diet, which can lead to dehydration or a lack of fiber. Even just a change in schedule can lead to uncomfortable changes in your bathroom routine.

Solution: Stay hydrated by carrying around a refillable water bottle and doing a little research on the restaurants you visit. To be pro-active and prepared in the case you do end up with…issues… RestoraLAX® NeatPAX™ Travel Size Packets comes in pre-measured, single-doses, so you can take one dose per day anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to restore your body’s natural rhythm and get back into the vacation rhythm in no time!

Slipup 2: Walking around in bare feet

My foot injury from a couple summers ago means I rarely walk in sandals, let alone bare feet! But is there anything more freeing than wriggling your toes in the sand or mud? And of course, the pool is a great spot to get the classic feet in front of pool shot for your Insta.  Unfortunately, walking in bare feet around the pool or in a public shower can have you coming into contact with more than you bargained for, like common warts or athlete’s foot. Ew right?

Take care of your feet people!

Solution: While not necessarily a threat to your health, these foot conditions can still cause unsightly marks and will have you covering up with more than just sandals. Get back to the pool pronto with these effective over the counter treatments:

  • Try a wart remover with salicylic acid. Scholl’s® Clear Away® Wart Remover with DURAGEL™ Technology is thin, flexible and nearly invisible. The cushioning cover also stays on for multiple days to ensure the wart is effectively removed.
  • Try a spray powder for relief of athlete’s foot. Tinactin® Aerosol Powder gives you quick relief from symptoms like itching, burning and cracked skin, and is easy to apply. It cures athlete’s foot and prevents it from coming back, when used as directed.

Slipup 3: You overdid it and your muscles are paying the price

I always wear out my family members on vacation! I remember on our honeymoon, I took Ryan on a 10 mile hike and he slept for 13 hours that night! Ha ha! I love to go, go, go but typically deal with  pain and soreness the next day. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

He was NOT used to being so active! Ha ha!

Solution: The best way to deal with DOMS is to prevent it altogether by knowing your limits. Always stretch or warm up before physical activity and ease slowly into any new activity. If you’re feeling sore, its best to give your body some time to rest. Lay off the extreme sports and stick to light exercise until you’re feeling ready to take on the next challenge.  

Slipup 4: Your Airbnb doesn’t agree with your allergies

I am so blessed to not have allergies! But I know my mom suffers badly. Even if you’ve diligently researched your hotel or rental property, you can’t always know if your accommodations will come fully stocked with allergens like dust mites, indoor mold, or maybe some leftover hard to clean pet hair. If you are an allergy sufferer, unexpected surroundings can have your allergy symptoms flaring.

You never know how many pets regularly live in your AirBnB. 😛

Solution: Make sure you pack a multi-symptom allergy medication in your travel health kit so you’re ready for an allergy attack. Try a non-drowsy pill so that you can enjoy your vacation. AERIUS® is an antihistamine that delivers multi-symptom allergy relief for 24 hours. AERIUS relieves 15 allergy symptoms from plants (trees, grass, pollen and ragweed) or animal dander, dust mites, or mold, indoors or outdoors.


What vacation slipups have you experienced?

How are you preparing to avoid common health mistakes on your next trip?


This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.


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