50 Ways to Stay Well #26 – Geocaching

Geocaching (pronounced JEE-oh-cash-ing) is a recreational activity where you utilize GPS technology to find hidden objects left by others. To play, you find a specific set of GPS coordinates to discover the buried treasure left at that location. It’s free, it’s easy and once you really get into it, it’s fun for the entire family.

When you find a cache, just leave something of equal value in its place for the next geocacher to find, then record your find on the geocache app or website as well as the logbook in the cache. To get started, you just need your indomitable will and a smartphone with GPS.

There are 534 geocaches near Lethbridge.

Texas A&M Geocaching for Exercise and Activity Research (GEAR) study, tracked 1,000 geocachers throughout the U.S. over 12 months. The study identified adults who geocached at least once a week. Results from that analysis concluded:

  • Geocachers reported improved health and fewers days of poor mental health and physical health
  • Study participants reported geocaching as a moderate physical activity for 134 minutes per week
  • Active geocachers were 40% more likely to meet CDC recommendations for physical activity
  • Study participants reported walking on average 10 miles a month while geocaching

Sign up for a geocache account and head out and enjoy the outdoors and act like Indiana Jones searching for treasure!

Pictured: Ryan and I tried out the Geocaching app and found a few in our small rural town! This is one of them. 🙂

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