Like many hikers in Southern Alberta, I’ve been watching the progress of the Kenow Fire in Waterton Lakes National Park and hoping the fire would stop before it spread. This fire has not only burnt through most of my beloved park, but it spread onto the prairie and burned down ranches, spread north to Castle where more people had to be evacuated.

Waterton is certainly not the only place that has been affected by wildfire this year. Fires have been burning in B.C., Montana, Oregon, and Washington. And they are still burning! All we can do is hope that the weather will cool for fall, that we’ll have some precipitation, and these fires will be extinguished.

I heard it may be weeks before they re-open Waterton and when they do, I want to head back to my beloved park and see how much has changed. This is the time of year I usually hit the trails and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.

Don’t think it will look this nice this fall!

But that’s the beautiful thing about nature and the human spirit- both renew themselves. Given time, the forest will regrow, the animals will return, and people will rebuild their homes and buildings.

In the meantime, send out some rain vibes and thank a firefighter for all their work!

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