Look! I actually did a few workouts this week, enough to share them in a blog post. I’m feeling better and my body is craving more physical activity. I eased into it with yoga and I have my new Saucony’s ready to hit the treadmill!

Saturday 4 mile walk on Wishbone Trail

SundayHot Vinyasa Yoga

I finally got my butt back to Hot Yoga Lethbridge with a couple of my friends for Vinyasa. It felt SOOOOO good! At first, I couldn’t believe how stiff I was! It was a challenging class and I smiled as I stretched out my stiff legs and enjoyed getting sweaty.

Monday- 30 minute yoga club

I run a yoga club once a week at school and practise alongside the girls. It’s a lot of fun though they don’t quite understand that you’re supposed to be quiet during yoga. Oh well- it’s supposed to be a fun intro for them!

Tuesday- 1 hour prenatal yoga

As soon as I felt better I wanted to start prenatal yoga. I figured it was a great way to learn modifications, have an expert to talk to, and meet some other pregnant ladies.  I was the only woman in her second trimester, the rest were all in their third trimesters so my little bump looked like I had just been out drinking the night before. Ha ha! I want to keep up a steady practice throughout my entire pregnancy.

Thursday Curling

Curling season has begun! And we played for the first time Thursday night. I totally slipped while throwing and gracefully sprawled out on the ice, quick to land on my side versus my front. Needless to say, I took my slippery gloves off whenever I threw after that.

I know that’s nothing too serious. But after months of being so sick that getting through the day was hard and I would spend my free time dying on the couch it felt incredible to get moving again.

What workouts did you gravitate to when you were pregnant?

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