This is obviously a couple days behind. I was at an overnight  staff retreat until Friday and yesterday I became obsessed with cleaning and organizing and crossing things off the to-do list. I have a few moments this morning before we head into town for Christmas shopping, so let’s talk about my week.

Friday & Saturday– Nothing

Sunday– 1 hour Ashtanga hot yoga

Monday– 30 minute vinyasa class with yoga club

Tuesday– 1 hour prenatal yoga

Wednesday30 minute jog, strength training, and curling

I finally got that butt of mine into the gym and on a treadmill! But let me tell you, it felt so weird! My legs wanted to go faster, my lungs were feeling good, but I could not go any faster than a light jog or I would get a stitch in my side. In those 30 minutes I only covered 2 miles. Next week’s 5k should be interesting.

Lifting felt so good. Although I on my very first squat my centre of balance felt so off that I leaned forward. I had to take a wider stance than normal to adjust for my new centre of gravity which is so weird because I don’t feel that big!

The same goes for curling. Throwing rocks is a little tougher than it used to be because I feel a little top heavy. If I get much bigger, I’ll have to use the handle that some of the older folks use.

Thursday– Nothing

Friday– 30 minute walk and weights

Thanks to a snoring roommate, I spent Thursday night sleeping on the hotel bathroom floor. The bright side to that, is that I was up early enough to hit the gym before our staff meetings started. I was so tired so I just walked on the treadmill, but I noticed the weights really woke me up.

I’m hoping to keep this routine up for the next four weeks as I finish off my last month of student teaching! Once I’m done, I won’t have access to a gym so I’ll have to start looking at what my plan will be next. I’m determined to keep up a good routine throughout this pregnancy, not just for the health of me and the baby, but because I want to jump right back into things after he or she is born as well.

How was your week? 

What motivates you to stick with a routine?

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