I’m not very happy with winter right now, which is crazy because I’m of the rare breed of people who gets giddy when it snows. I want to roll about in snow like a dog. But now that I no longer have a four wheel drive vehicle, I’m actually wishing it was warmer because driving in snow in an unreliable vehicle is scary!

But still, winter is a part of Canadian life, nay, our DNA! And I wanted to share ways I (usually) embrace winter.


To me, not dressing appropriately is the biggest reason people hate winter (Ryan is guilty of this big time.) They rush in from their cars into the office or house in nothing but a hoodie or light coat, regular shoes, and maybe some of those $0.99 gloves that don’t do much and complain about how cold it is. Do you know what I look like when I leave my house in the winter?

See what I’m wearing to ice skate in -20C? This is what I wear EVERY DAY on the walk to and from my car and from my car to school. I always bundle up.

I ALWAYS wear a toque! Even if it means messing up my hair, I don’t care. Grandma always said to keep a toque on and so I do. I also bust out my boots, bulky winter coat and real gloves. And you know what? I barely notice the cold when I’m going to and from places. Yes, when I clomp around the mall it can be annoying but I prefer it to freezing.


This winter I won’t be enjoying my favourite winter pleasure. But I thoroughly enjoy throwing open my curtains and sipping coffee on winter mornings/afternoons or red wine in the evenings and watching snow fall. It is so relaxing! Especially if you have a lit Christmas tree in the corner somewhere.


This is a big one. If you stay indoors all winter long you’re going to go stir crazy. You may start to feel down and depressed- we aren’t meant to live our life indoors. Commit to one weekend day that is a “play day” where you go sledding, walking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, or even a short winter walk around your block.

Fresh air is a necessity for our health and in the winter, it is just as important. And do you know how you can enjoy these sustained activities? Bundle up! I don’t know why adults have this hang up about wanting to “look” a certain way. Bundle yourself up like your mom did when you were a kid and get outside and enjoy!


This is KEY! When you are in your house in the winter, putting on fuzzy socks makes you feel warm and fuzzy o

n the inside. Everything else doesn’t matter much, just put on those socks and you’ll feel cozy and comfy.

socks and red wine for the win! Though no wine for me this winter. 🙁


Do you realize that while we complain about the snow, there are millions of people around the world who have never experienced it and find it amazing? I LOVE Instagram in the winter when people share all their beautiful snowy pictures and if you start sharing some yourself, you may find yourself appreciating small things you didn’t notice before. Maybe the icicles hanging off your house or the way the sun shines through the snow covered branches of a tree. Looking at the snow as a picturesque landscape will help you appreciate it a little more.

And if all else fails, you can follow all the people who live in Hawaii (I follow quite a few) and get your beach and palm tree fix.


The darker days do make winter hard but there is a silver lining. You can watch the sunrise and set at reasonable hours. I love watching the sunrise on my drive into work in the mornings and the sunset from the back windows at night.

winter sunset off the Wasatch

Winter sunrises/sunsets are such beautiful colours; pinks, blues, purples. Pause and take a moment each day to appreciate them.


This is probably the biggest tip I can give you. Just like anything in life, your attitude can make something great or awful. I HATE how much people complain in the winter.

“How are you doing Sharon?” “Ugh! This weather is so awful it makes me cranky. I’m just counting down until summer.”

Isn’t this better? “How are you doing Rachel?” “Good! School is going good, I just spent last Saturday snow shoeing in the mountains which was fun” or “Good! I spent the weekend curled up with a book and sipping tea while watching the snow fall.”

If you’re a winter hater, try some of these tips (especially tip number one) and see if you can start appreciating winter just a smidge.

What do you like about winter?

Any winter traditions?

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