It’s that time of year when gyms (and my hot yoga studio) are full of newcomers ready to get on a new path for the new year. When I was a younger snot I would look my nose down at these people knowing half of them wouldn’t be there by the time Valentine’s Day rolled around but as I’ve matured I applaud these people for stepping out of their comfort zone.

You can tell the newcomers, they usually come with a friend, both looking a little shy. In yoga, the set up in the back and are clueless as to what the poses are called or entail. In the gym, they maybe walk around and try a machine once or twice before moving on.

A lot of people feel intimidated and I think that’s what contributes to them not sticking with a routine. I have a gift, I don’t feel intimidated because I don’t mind making a fool of myself. If I do something wrong, I can laugh. If I go into an advanced class and everyone is well seasoned (an in amazing shape) I just think “Wow! Maybe I’ll look like that if I stick with this.”

Then I found this great infographic from Aaptiv that shared some insights and tips to overcome your gym intimidation.

One final piece of advice? STOP WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS AROUND YOU! Nothing will make you feel more self conscious than watching the seasoned gym goes lifting heavier than you or doing more advanced exercises. Go in with your workout (you can find plenty online), put your blinders on, and focus on you and your workout!

Good luck!

Anyone struggle with being intimidated at the gym or studio? How do you deal?

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