April BuffBoxx

Where has April gone?? Do you realize next week we are into May. I blame two things for this month going by this quickly; having a baby and the super late snow. Last week was a major snowstorm and this week we have weather in the high teens, say what?

I am in full recovery mode and unable to do any exercise more than easy walking. But I am already looking at meal plans to start in another month or so and signed up for a super sprint triathlon in August as a way to motivate myself to train again once I get the all clear. In the meantime I’m watching all the Housewives shows on OnDemand and loving all the cuddle time I get with Baby Ty Ty.

This month, my BuffBoxx was stuffed full of awesome products from Sweet Sweat Canada!

  • Sweet Sweat Coconut Workout Enhancer 
  • I was super curious as to what this was so I looked it up; it supposed to:
    • Target “Slow To Respond” Injured and Problem Areas While Exercising.
    • Promote an additional increase in Circulation & Sweating during your workout.
    • May help fight muscle fatigue and painful injuries such as shin splints, pulls, and strains

  • Sweet Sweat reversible gym bag
    • This is currently serving as my breast pump and accessories bag! Ha ha ha!

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