In the past, I never spent much time planning my summer hikes. I would pick an area (usually Waterton) and the night before or day of would decide which one to hit. Well, with a new baby that way of hiking has changed. Ha ha! I figure I have one (maybe two) all day hikes this summer where I can leave the baby home with Ryan all day and hit the trails with my girlfriends. I’m also trying to find shorter day hikes that I can go on with TyTy. Due to the closed trails, I am looking at hikes in Glacier National Park, particularly in the Many Glacier area which is almost just as close to home as Waterton.

The big hikes (to do sans baby) on my radar for this summer is The Garden Wall (Highline Trail) in Glacier National Park.


This hike is one way, 11.6 miles from Logan Pass to the Loop on Going-to-the-Sun Road. You catch a hikers shuttle back to your car when you end.

This is one of the most popular hikes in Glacier though so my plan is to get a super early start to try and find parking and beat the crowds.  The hike starts in the trees and then you come to a big cliff. At one point in the hike, you get an overhead view of Grinell Glacier (which I hiked to last year).

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

We will also get to the Granite Park Chalet at one point in this hike. If I could, I would stay the night and continue on the trail to Fifty Mountain passing Ipasha Glacier and Chaney Glacier. But since it’ll be a day hike, we’ll probably stop to buy a snack and enjoy the views from the chalet before continuing  onto the Loop Cutoff Trail.

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If I can, I would also like to do Siyeh Pass from Siyeh Bend to the Sunrift Gorge Exit is 10.3 miles. This is a high elevation hike that traverses two passes, Peigan Pass and Siyeh Pass. The part I look forward to is the end when the trail eventually becomes Sunrift Gorge.

Photo Credit: Alpine Sights Photography

I also found a few easy day hikes in Many Glacier I can take TyTy with including Apikuni Falls and Bullhead Lake.


This is a short, steep hike of 2 miles with a large, skinny waterfall at the end.


This is an easy hike of 6.6 miles that passes Redrock Falls and Redrock Lake before coming to Bullhead Lake.

Photo Credit: My Itchy Travel Feet

All this information was found in *gasp* a book instead of online! Don’t get me wrong, I love all the information online but sometimes it’s so nice to have a book to flip through, read through, dog ear, and highlight.

I have a copy of  Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks: A Guide to the Parks’ Greatest Hiking Adventures, 5th Edition (by Erik Molvar (Falcon Guides). It gives an overview of many hikes in the Glacier/Waterton parks including mile-by-mile directional cues, GPS coordinates for all trailheads and backcountry campsites, trail maps, and more.


You can find a copy on the Falcon Guides website, as well as other retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and IndieBound.

What hikes do you have planned for this summer?

Anyone else prefer an old school book rather than online information?

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