This was running through my head for the first three minutes of my first run postpartum. Then I got tired and had to walk! Ha ha ha! I got the clear to work out two weeks ago but I haven’t gotten into a routine yet, just working out when I feel like it. But that’s a good way to start.

Being a competitive person, it’s difficult to be starting all over again but I am looking at this as an opportunity. I’ve always had bad running form when distance running. As soon as I got tired I would lean back, take baby steps, and strike with my heel. Since I can only run in 3-5 minute spurts I decided to use that time to be retrain my body. I focus on leaning slightly forward, lifting my knees, and striking mid foot. Making lemonade here!

I also need to start my triathlon training! One week before TyTy was due I signed up for the Raymond Triathlon, just the Super Sprint, as a way to motivate myself. I was going to do a swim workout Monday evening but I had a wardrobe issue. I put on my one piece that had a zipper on the front and the pressure of stuffing my body into it busted the zipper open.

It was similar to this but I didn’t rip it, it busted on it’s own!

So now we’re back, let’s look at my week.

Friday- Nothing

Does walking all over the University of Lethbridge campus count? It was Convocation Day and I walked all over, in heels no less!

Saturday- Nothing

Spent the morning watching Ace play basketball and then was lazy when I got home.

Sunday- Vinyasa Hot Yoga

Yaaaaaaas!!! My first postpartum yoga session felt so amazing! Everything is so tight right now so it felt good to hit the mat and stretch it out. Just like with everything else, I have work to do in order to get back to where I want to be. I resolved to aim for two yoga sessions a week.

Monday- 40 minute Walk, 15 minute Nike Training Club workout, Softball

Monday was the perfect active day! I took the baby out for a long walk, came home and did a short strength training workout, and finished the day off playing softball. They made me pitch which was such a disaster, but luckily my team is there for fun so we laughed and enjoyed our time outside.

Love my new walking buddy!

Tuesday- 40 minute Run

Oh man! My first postpartum run was a hard one! I wrote about it earlier but I didn’t mention how jello my legs were at the end! And for the rest of the evening and the next day I was so sore!

Wednesday- Nothing

Recovered from my run! Ha ha!

Thursday- 20 minute power walk

I had a great gab session/short power walk with Rachelle. My plan was to get in my scheduled bike ride afterward but it was so hot outside that I decided to wait until the evening and then…it didn’t happen. Whoops!

I’m pretty happy with my first full week back. I did something for four days. My goal is to be active six days a week, even if it’s just walking.

How was your week?

Mamas- how do you find motivation when you’re sleep deprived?

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