I’ve never been one for online ordering. I hate having to send stuff back when it doesn’t fit or work right. But when I was still on the couch recovering from my C-section there were a few things I needed that I didn’t have the energy to search several stores for. For any new mama’s or expecting mama’s here are the few things I recently ordered off Amazon and why.

Pumping Bra

I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before. I knew I would be pumping to try to freeze milk but I didn’t think about how hard it would be to sit for 15-20 minutes holding them on. The baby cries for a soother, the phone rings, the dogs are barking, and you’re stuck holding those things on.

I ordered this bra in pink and it’s been so great! My pump is hands free and I can carry it around. So now I pump while I load the dishwasher, while I work on blog posts, etc. Just don’t bend over because the milk will spill out on the floor. Ha ha!

Adjustable White Tank Top

I’m a wee bit self conscious of my mummy tummy. And when I was pregnant I was proud of my bump so I didn’t bother buying anything too big or flowy But now it’s no longer a cute bump, it’s a squishy belly. So I wanted an open back tank top that I could adjust how loose it was to accommodate what my belly looked like at the time.

This tank was super cheap ($7) and I was shocked at how great the quality was! I wish they made it in more colours so I could stock up!

Plain White Baby Onsies

I was so grateful for the many, MANY baby clothes I was given but have you noticed that baby clothes all have sayings or cutesy pictures on it. I was having trouble putting together outfits because his onsies wouldn’t match his pants. And I couldn’t find plain white newborn onsies anywhere! Thank goodness for Amazon!

It’s so much easier to style his outfits with a plain white onsie.

‘Summer’ Pedometer Wrist Strap

I LOVE my Tom Tom Adventurer and now it’s helpful to have on to check m y steps and get myself up an walking. At first, I was only getting 1500 steps a day- yikes!  But as I was up and about more it was helpful to have this to check and be aware of when I needed to move more.

I wanted a summer strap so I bought a white one for only $15.

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  • camirichards June 12, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    I couldn’t resist that tank, I just ordered one for myself haha!

    • Rachel June 12, 2018 at 8:37 pm

      It’s such a great deal and such a great summer staple! We’ll have to be twins in our tops sometime! Ha ha!


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