It’s Friday and we have an action packed weekend! A barn wedding party (I bought TyTy an adorable Wrangler onsie) and then we’re heading to the mountains for a night of camping. Baby’s first camping trip! We’ll be staying in our parents camper as I’m not brave enough to tent it with a baby just yet.

Any tips for camping with a baby I should be aware of? 

Anyway, this was an okay week fitness wise. I’m still not sticking to my triathlon training program and the Raymond Triathlon is about two months away. Thank goodness I signed up for the super sprint so it’s not too crazy a distance!

Here is how my week went.

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- 30 minute run

It was a beautiful rainy day and I enjoyed splashing through the puddles. I’m still working on my form as I run to retrain my stride.

Sunday- 50 minute Bike ride

Off I went on another bike ride. The route I take is a slow and steady incline the whole first half and then I turn around and fly down! It’s challenging and fun at the same time.

Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- 25 minute Nike Training Club Workouts 

TyTy likes to take a long morning nap and I’m trying to utilize at home workouts during that time. The Nike Training Club app is my go to app for workouts.

Wednesday- 3.5 mile walk 

We were in Calgary overnight because Ryan had an appointment with a spine specialist. I took advantage and went on a lovely early morning walk along the Bow River with the baby. It was sooooo nice to walk somewhere new and I love rivers, they’re so zen.

How did your workouts go this week?

Also, yours truly was included on a list of 50 Influencers Weigh in on 2018 Health and Wellness Trends. Click the link below and check it out! 🙂

Expert Roundup 50 Influencers Weigh in On 2018 Health and Wellness Trends

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