I am trying to lose those last 15 pounds from my pregnancy and is it ever hard! As someone who has been into fitness and working out for more than half my life, I am blown away at how hard it can be to lose weight. The other day as I struggled on a run I thought about how challenging it’s been to get back into a regular routine and how overwhelming it must be for someone who has a lot of extra weight to lose to take the actions needed for permanent weight loss.

We have a growing obesity problem in our country. By 2025, more than one third of Canadians will be obese. Obesity leads to many health problems including but not limited to; cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, back or knee pain, and the list goes on. Many people want to make a change. They want to achieve a healthier weight, but just can’t stay motivated. It’s not an easy thing to do!

Medical professionals saw this problem and developed an online system so people can lose weight from anywhere in the country, and not have to visit a doctor’s office. The answer: e-Health.

How to Lose Weight by Telemedicine

I was recently introduced the concept of weight loss by telemedicine. Telemedicine uses communication technology to give care to patients, wherever they are. With tech like iPhones and Fitbits becoming more popular, telemedicine is used by people as a convenient way to check how their weight loss is going.

In the beginning, people are usually super motivated to adopt healthy habits, but without constant motivation, that motivation wanes, things come up and it’s super easy to slide back into old habits.

Telemedicine uses trained professionals to give you daily support. Instead of checking in with your doctor daily, you check your progress and communicate with professionals online. It’s similar to how I like to post my goals on this blog or social media as a way to stay accountable with my workouts.


Zero Excuse Go

Zero Excuse Go is a Canadian telemedicine company that is helping people who want to lose 30-150+ pounds stay motivated and lose weight. They are unique in Canada because they are the first and only Canadian service to use remote patient monitoring to help people lose weight.

They utilize remote monitoring for their team of health care professionals (dietitians, psychologists, fitness trainers, nurses to keep in touch with you every day. These professionals track your weight, your physical activity, your blood pressure, your blood sugar level, your sleep, etc., according to your needs.

At the beginning of the weight loss program, you will receive electronic devices to use at home (scale, fitness tracker, device to measure blood pressure, glucometer and others, according to your needs). Simple and easy to use, these devices will record and transmit your data directly to our clinic.

You will also get to videoconference the Zero Excuse Go professionals for advice, education, and motivation to stick with your weight loss program.

How long does it take? After your evaluation, your weight loss program using remote monitoring and telemedicine can last anywhere from 4 to 12 months, according to your reality and your needs. Once the target weight is reached, you will be invited to participate in their maintenance program, thus ensuring that you will not regain in the long term the weight lost.


Does it work?

As a service created by a team of health professionals from different specialties, Zero Excuse Go has seen a lot of success helping clients lose weight in a healthy way and how to maintain that weight loss.

Want to really see how it works? Check out these testimonials. Mr. Lebel’s story is especially inspiring, he lost 145 lbs in less than a year to be able to play with his grandchildren.

Give it a Try!

Want to learn more about how it works? Here’s the Zero Excuse Go program director Dr. Stephen Stotland, a psychologist at McGill, that talks about the psychology behind the program.

 If you think telemedicine might be just the motivation you need, visit the Zero Excuse Go page and fill out the initial questionnaire. Anyone in Canada can sign up! Or check out their Facebook page. This may be the start of the new healthy you.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Zero Excuse Go. 

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  • Rauf July 19, 2018 at 7:52 am

    Join Dr. Stotland, professor at McGill university and his team at Zero Excuse GO in the next teleconference. They will highlight how to better manage diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol in overweight patients, even without medication. They will also talk about Zero Excuse GO revolutionary technology that will transform weight loss programs forever. You will also hear the testimonials of some patients who lost a significant amount of weight while following Zero Excuse GO’s program. If you want to lose weight and be in better health, click the link for more info on the event.


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