Can I please have a mulligan on this week? You guys- how do you get back into that groove where if you miss a workout you feel awful and crave a sweat session? Because those 6 weeks of doctor ordered rest has gotten me comfortable with inactivity.

Basically, I have nothing to share this week because I didn’t make time for workouts this entire week! Whoops. Oh yeah, and my triathlon is a month away.

While I don’t have any workouts  to share, I wanted to share this fun event happening in Calgary July 21-22; Taryn Shea’s Fit and Chic Retreat.

I wanted to attend but I’ll be getting home from Seattle during this event.

The Fit and Chic retreat, hosted by Taryn Shea (originally a local Alberta girl but now a Miami fitness and fashion industry leader), is two days of fitness, fashion and inspiration to becoming the BEST version of yourself!

The retreat includes:
– 2 Days of Fitness, Fashion and Motivational Events
– Guest Speaker Shayla Wey
– Make Your Dreams Come True Workshop
– 3 Catered Fit and Chic Approved Meals
– Live Guided Fitness Workout
-Mini Glam Make Over
– Photo shoot to Rock Your New Found Confidence
-Discover your Why and Ignite Your Transformation Session
-Vision Board Workshop
-Swag Bag (over $150 Value)

Doesn’t that sound fun? The Fit and Chic retreat is $297 for both days. I’m SUPER bummed I can’t make it because this mama could use a confidence boosting event like this!

How do you deal with lack of motivation?

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