This was not the best week but it was a fun week!

Friday- Easy stroller walk 1.63 miles

Our daily outing is a walk to the post office a half mile away and back. On some days I wander around the streets to add more walking time on.

Saturday- Nothing

I purposefully did nothing to save up my legs for my Sunday hike.

Sunday- 5 mile hike to Turtle Mountain

My hiking recap is yet to come, but the hike up Turtle Mountain was a doozy!!!

Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- 1 mile walk. Two softball games.

I woke up Tuesday with sharp pains in my right quad, it feels like I strained it on my hike. Because of this I couldn’t do my usual sprinting that I love so much during ball. But I still got out and limped along for two games.

Wednesday- 20 minute swim workout

I finally made it to the pool! Did I mention my triathlon is only a month away? Ha ha! Oops! The swim will only be 250m though and I covered a slow and steady 700m in the 20 minutes. The first 200 m I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but then I warmed up and my muscle memory kicked in.

P.S. Like my cute suit? It’s a Gottex tankini from UK Swimwear that fully zips off which will make it so easy to take off during my triathlon!

Thursday- Nothing

I had a bike ride scheduled and every intention to go but then I opted to hang out with Ryan in the evening instead.

Postpartum Muscle Weakness?

I talked a little bit about the muscle fatigue I’ve been experiencing in my post dedicated to Baby TyTy’s 3 month birthday. I was champing at the bit to get back into a routine and as soon as I got the 6 week clearance I started running and doing home workouts regularly. And  But around the 10 week postpartum mark my muscles started to feel so weak and fatigued that even jogging from the car to the house was a struggle.

I can’t explain it perfectly, I’ve never felt this weak before. It’s like how you feel after a long run, like your legs are just done, but I haven’t done anything!

My bestie Cat said she has the same thing and suggested I try amino acids for strength and energy. I have a ton from my Buffboxx over the last year and Jenn works in the supplement industry and said amino acids are safe to take while breastfeeding.

But I wonder, is this from something hormonal or is it from lack of movement? I felt fine at week 6, it wasn’t until week 10 that I started to feel it.

Any mamas out there have advice? It’s super frustrating to feel like I’m getting worse and not better as time goes on!

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