It’s past the six month mark of 2018, but it’s time to check in with my 2018 intention. I don’t like setting resolutions, I like setting a mantra or intention that I can repeat to myself. My intention for 2018 was “go with the flow.”

I knew it was going to be a tough year to control with having a baby, graduating, and not working for awhile.

“I’m going to try to be more receptive to things when they don’t go as planned and to have the flexibility to change course as needed. I’m going to trust that the things that happen in life have to be for a reason.”

So how has it gone? SO WELL!! I am actually surprised at how well I’ve done taking things as they come.

In the beginning of the year, I was ready to work and was still hoping to get in the hours to qualify for paid maternity leave. However, the university took a long time getting the graduation list to the Alberta Teacher’s Association and I didn’t get my Teaching License until the last week of January. I didn’t get enough hours to qualify for maternity leave. Oh well, no point stressing- go with the flow.

Substitute teaching was a great way to practice going with it because I walked into every day not knowing what my lessons were or what my students were like. I had two high school students “go to the bathroom” and come back 20 minutes later with Tim Horton’s. Old Rachel would have been pissed at such disrespect, but chill Rachel just laughed it off, lectured them both, and left a note for the teacher to deal with.

And wouldn’t you know it? Even my labour didn’t go as planned! I had scheduled an elective C-section so I thought I had it all set and this guy decided to come one day early! I was forced to experience almost three hours of labour when my plan was to never know what contraction felt like. Ha ha ha! That was a very stressful drive in as I worried that I would have to give birth naturally. But we ran into my OBGYN on the way into the hospital and I got my C-section which was so fortunate because he was breech and we didn’t know it!

And now life after baby I have no control of my day or schedule. I’ve learned TyTy’s rhythms and schedule my blogging, getting ready, cleaning, and cooking around his day and his schedule. Sometimes I get frustrated because I want more control of my day, but for the most part, I just go with it.

Our finances would have had me in a constant state of anxiety if I hadn’t worked so hard the last couple years to not stress and worry over things out of my control. Without paid maternity leave we are trying to get by on a single income and it has been extremely difficult. But I’ve kept my cool and just tried to enjoy the simple things like long walks with Ty and make plans for once I begin work again.

Halfway through 2018 and I’m very happy with progress I’ve made in being more flexible. I still make my to-do lists and try to cross something off the list every day but I’m not beating myself up for those days that nothing gets done.

What was your goal for 2018? How is it going?

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