My title says it all. Last week I finally had enough of the heat keeping me indoors and the lack of at home workouts. They have child care so I can go during the day with TyTy and he’s cared for. I’m looking forward to all the classes too.  I like being in a class environment because it pushes me way harder than doing workouts at home.

And TyTy loves childcare! The attendant says he likes to watch the children play and will laugh and smile as he watches them.  It makes me feel better knowing he’s enjoying himself too.

I missed last week’s recap because- SUMMERTIME! Ha ha! This last week has been a great mix of workouts and outdoor physical activity.

Friday- 30 minute walk

Saturday12 miles hike of the Highline Trail

There was little climbing on this hike, but it was a long 12 miles and my legs were jello by the end!

Sunday- Nothing (recovered!)

My calves! I spent the whole day foam rolling the knots in my calves.

MondayKayaking in Waterton

Had a blast kayaking in Waterton with Jenn and Cat. Recap to come at some point!

Tuesday– 30 minute run, weights, and 20 minute bike ride

I read on Tuesday morning that Klhoe Kardashian does 1.5 hour workouts six days a week. I was inspired, I had been doing 20-30 minutes twice a week which was NOT enough. So I did a 30 minute run, a Khloe Kardashian workout I found on Pinterest, and then  20 minute bike ride to sandwich it off.

Wednesday- 60 minute spin class, core work

I got to the gym 10 minutes before childcare opened so I took TyTy on a tour of the facility and snapped baby’s first gym mirror selfie. Ha ha!

Spin was such a great class! I was huffing and puffing so hard.

Thursday– Paddle boarding and 3km hike to and from Loon Lake

This was such a GREAT day! I have to do a recap on it as well. We paddled from Emerald Bay in Waterton to the Wishbone Landing; which according to Google Maps is 2.4 km.

We then hiked about 1.5 km in to check out Loon Lake. So We paddled a total of about 5km and hiked 3km. This is definitely my preferred form of exercise!

Friday– Today I didn’t do anything. I wanted to hit the gym for some yoga but the morning got away from me.

Tomorrow is my triathlon and I am feeling… ok abut it. I’m not in nearly as good shape as I would like, but it’s a short distance. I should be fine.

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