You guys, nothing derails your workout plans like a baby! I thought joining a gym with child care would do away with excuses, but if your kid is sick or has you up at 4 am, that planned gym visit is not going to happen! I just have to take a deep breath and adjust to this flexible, unscheduled lifestyle (not easy for someone as Type A as myself).

So let’s take a look at rather poor week.

Friday- Nothing 

Saturday- Triathlon

I am so behind on blog posts that I still haven’t done a recap of my triathlon! I did a super sprint which was a 250m swim, a 10k bike, and a 2.5km run. Besides the heavy smoke, I really enjoyed the event.

Sunday- Nothing

Monday- 15 minute HIIT and core with trainer & 4 mile run

I was ready to hit this week hard! I started it off with a workout with a personal trainer. She had me do a 15 minute HIIT workout on the elliptical and then we did tons of core. I was happy that I didn’t suffer from diastis recti after my pregnancy, my core is still very weak.

I waited for Ryan to get home and then headed off on an easy 4 mile run. I’m glad I did, because that night the smoke came in.

Tuesday- Nothing

I had a planned active rest day and was going to take the baby for an hour long walk. The smoke rolled in though and it was way to thick to take him out.

Wednesday- Nothing

I was soooo looking forward to spin class on Wednesday! But TyTy had his shots Tuesday afternoon and woke up with a slight fever and a bit fussy. I didn’t feel like putting him in child care when he was feeling so awful, so we stayed home or a second day in a row.

Thursday- Full body workout

OMG did my trainer kill me! It was our last promotional session that I got from signing up to the gym and she gave me a ton of dynamic exercises such as wall balls and kettle bell thrusts.

I did the math and I did 240 squats during this workout! This explains why I was so sore I had trouble sleeping. Yikes!

I’m hoping to make it out to the gym this morning but I have to wait and see when the baby wakes up. He was up at 4 a.m. this morning and now his schedule is all off. I have to once again miss the morning spin class I was so looking forward to. Ugh!

How was your week?

Mamas- tell me you get weeks like this once in awhile but not all the time! Ha ha!


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  • mara August 18, 2018 at 9:06 am

    Doing a triathlon in the smoke would be quite the challenge!
    It’s too bad we never went to the gym at the same time, it would’ve been great to have a motivating friend to workout with!


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