It’s been a good week workout-wise. I was finally able to get in and take some classes which I really love because it pushes me harder than I workout on my own.

Friday- Nothing

After Thursday’s personal training session where I did a total of 240 squats I could barely walk. I had the best intentions to hit spin & yoga at Gold’s but as I could barely walk AND TyTy had his first awful day in hi four months of life, I opted to stay home.

Saturday- 45 minutes elliptical & core 

I was STILL super sore when I woke up on Saturday so I resolved to hit the gym and do a long session on the elliptical. Something that was low resistance but still got my legs moving to push out that lactic acid.  I followed it up with core work trying to repair my abs and back.

Ugh! How do people take gym mirror selfies without looking awkward? LOL!

Sunday- 60 minutes hot yoga

I was SO excited to hit the studio again! There is nothing more calming to my mind then sweating it out in yoga class.

Monday- 40 minutes walk

I decided to have an active rest day and I needed to take advantage of a smoke free day! TyTy and I got out and hit the town for a walk.

Tuesday- 30 minute interval run & circuit training with weights

I had planned to try out step class but it was cancelled, so I opted to get in a good run. I ran intervals getting my heart rate high. I followed it up with a weights circuit I found on Pinterest. The problem is without anyone there to hold me accountable I don’t push myself as hard as I could.

Wednesday- 50 minute spin, 60 minute BodyPump

This is how I like to workout! A 50 minute spin class where I maintained a steady heart rate of 140+ the entire time followed by BodyPump where I pushed myself to fatigue.

Just under 2 hours of activity and 702 calories burned.

Thursday- Rest 

I’m going to head to the gym today and hit another spin class and some yoga! I am loving all these classes!

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