Happy Friday! It’s the last Friday of summer and the kids go back to school next week. How is that possible? WHERE did this summer go?! I didn’t quite get in all the adventures I wanted, but I’m still happy with how life went and where it’s going.

I’m also happy with how I’m slowly but surely prioritizing my workouts again. Knowing that TyTy loves child care at the gym (he loves to watch the other kids) has made it easy to hit the gym and get moving!

Friday- 50 minute spin class & one hour walk in mountains

I absolutely love spin class! It’s fun to push myself and to watch my heart rate skyrocket and stay elevated for almost the entire class. For people who really hate it, sometimes I’ll imagine I’m biking through the mountains or along the beach in Hawaii during class.

That afternoon, I did an easy walk on the Syncline Trail with Cat and her kiddos.

Saturday & Sunday- Nothing

We were in Great Falls last weekend for some back to school shopping and a little family getaway. I booked a hotel with a gym with the very good intentions of working out all weekend. Yeah….that didn’t happen.

Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- 30 minute run & core

I’m really working on my stride and my pace when I run. It’s really easy to manage my pace when I’m on a treadmill and I make myself run at 11:00 min/mile or faster when I’m running. These runs look like intervals at the moment, but I know the more I do this the more my endurance with increase.

I’m also desperately trying to strengthen my core and improve my posture! I did this workout but had to modify exercise #4. I COULD NOT balance on the ball like that so I did planks holding onto the BOSU ball instead.

Wednesday- 50 minute spin class, 60 minute BodyPump

Another killer spin/pump day! I’m really loving Wednesdays. I am so fatigued by the end of pump, I know I’ve worked hard!

Thursday- 3 mile walk

I decided to take an active rest day after my killer Wednesday, and it was actually a smoke free day! So TyTy and I went out for a walk to the local creek to soak up some nature.

Natural Deodorant

Anyone here every try a natural deodorant? I’ve been toying with the idea of it for a while now. You keep reading about how bad aluminum and other chemicals in normal deodorant is. But then you wonder what the alternative is because who wants to be smelly?

 JĀSÖN Dry Spray Deodorants sent me a couple samples that are free of aluminum, butane, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, and artificial fragrances.These dry spray deodorants are lightly scented Fresh Cucumber and Soft Rose, both of which are meant to provide 24-hour odour protection.

I’ve been putting them through tests this week. I did the black tank top challenge and sure enough, these sprays don’t leave any white marks on your black clothes. I wore them on a three hour road trip, hanging around the house, and working out.

A good thing to note before trying is that they are deodorants – not antiperspirants! During the first workout my armpits were so sweaty that I kept sneaking little sniffs to make sure I wasn’t stinky. But all I would smell is the deodorant,  so that’s good!

Overall, I like them but if I’m wearing a shirt that would show sweat stains, I’ll likely use an antiperspirant. Luckily for me, I don’t sweat much so I’ll be using these for about 90% of my week.

 JĀSÖN Dry Spray Deodorants are available at: Whole Foods, Loblaws, Well.ca and natural grocers.

Have you tried natural deodorant? Did you like it?

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