I miss those first six weeks after Tynan was born. Yes, I was in pain from my C-section and I was exhausted from no sleep and figuring out breastfeeding, but I didn’t give two thoughts to my weight during that time. It was magical. My mom stuffed me with treats every day saying I needed the calories for nursing and I happily ate whatever I wanted. When she left, Ryan and I ate a lot of fast food for several weeks because I wasn’t cooking.

Fast forward to now, almost 5 months later, and I am still sitting 20 pounds heavier than I was before I was pregnant. To make matters harder, I’ve actually been trying these past two months with workouts and healthy eating to take off the weight and it hasn’t budged. When I joined Gold’s I met with their nutritionist (who has five children) and she warned me that I may not see any weight loss until 6-8 months postpartum, once my hormones balance out.

But I’ve been following a lot of women on Instagram who had babies at the same time I did, and they are all much closer to their pre-baby bodies than I am. And with subbing starting, I pulled out my work clothes and not a single pair of pants fit. This means I have to go out this weekend and buy new work pants for this larger size.

I’m doing my best to stick to my workouts, being active on rest days, and eating as healthy as possible. I was just so sure this wouldn’t happen to me since I have been so focused on health & fitness for the last 18 years of my life! I had anticipated being one of those women who is back in her jeans a few months after the baby.

Ok. Whining over.Everything will work out the way it should and I need to stay on the path I’m on.

However, I sure took a lazy long weekend- whoops!

Friday, Saturday & SundayNothing

My new goal is to never take more than one day off from some sort of activity again!

Monday- 4.5 mile walk

After three lazy days, I was dying to get out and get some time in moving my body. I opted to do an hour long power walk with TyTy. It turned into 1:23 because he kept kicking off his booties and I would have to turn around and back track until I found it, ha ha!

Tuesday- 3.5 mile run

I’ve always been my best when I was training for long distances. I prefer short sprints to long runs, but my body responds better to longer sessions. So I’m hoping to do a half marathon training plan over the next few months. Whether I run a half is inconsequential, I just hope the training will help kick this stubborn away!

This was my first real run with TyTy. I’d been avoiding it because I thought it might be to bumpy for him or I would have to stop to tend to him too often, but it went great! He loved the constant rock of his stroller and slept the whole time, even when I stopped to snap an auto timed picture.

Wednesday- 50 minutes spin & 60 minute body pump

I just love spin! It’s the perfect workout for me because it’s constantly changing so you don’t get bored and filled with short sprints. I turn my TomTom to ‘gym mode’ and it tracks my heart rate and calories burned and my heart rate stays between 135-160 during the entire class.

Have you ever been so sore from lunges you grabbed your butt after? That’s what I did in pump! The instructor had us do partner lunges with bungee cords which works the entire body but the lunges portion killed!

Thursday- Nothing

I worked for the first time in five months on Thursday! Man I forgot how exhausting a day of teaching elementary was. I had a run scheduled but you better believe I wasn’t leaving Tynan’s side when I picked him up from the babysitters at the end of the day. And by the time he went down at 7, i was already in my pajamas. I think I’m going to have to start an evening workout habit after he goes to bed once I’m working more.

Now I’m trying to pysch myself up to get out and hit the gym again for more spin and yoga!

Any tips from my fellow mamas to help get rid of this stubborn fat?

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  • Laura Webb September 7, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    I have not had a baby but I find gaining muscle and taking out sugar and starch from my diet is the only way I lose stubborn fat. Good luck!


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