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When you read a title like this on a post or article, you automatically think, we are going to tell you about exercise. While exercise and diet is important, that are not the primary reason (in my opinion) that dance leads to a healthier life.

Yes, diet and exercise will be mentioned because they are parts of the puzzle. But, read on for a bit of a different perspective.

What does dance give you or your child that they do not get from other forms of exercise?

Your child may play football, soccer, or baseball. All of these activities are great forms of exercise. They all teach teamwork and demand practice which brings on a healthy body. However, with all of these sports, the accomplishments belong to the team. Your kid might get a pat on the back if he or she scored to winning play, but that is a short-lived victory.

Yes, your child needs to learn these skills. But there is one attribute that they need more, and that is personal self-esteem. We all need to be confident in our own skills and strengths.

In dance, your biggest challenge is reaching deep into your own spirit and soul and finding that special part of yourself that was given just to you. While you are learning as a team, you are learning what you can do. There are many forms of dance and will enjoy. If you think there is no dance you are.

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“I am just not good at dancing!”

Dancing is just like anything new. You have to try until you find the right dance for you. It does not cost a lot of money to get started. Your teacher will give you a list of things you need. Leotards, tights, and warm up clothes are easy to find. You can order ballet shoes and ballet slippers by Just For Kix. They offer all essentials for dancers so when you decide where you want to go, they will help you with your selections.  


You cannot turn on your computer without hearing about a child or teenager that is being bullied and sometimes it hurts them so deeply that they hurt themselves. When a child is taught dance. Even though they get the group activity, the majority of their training is based on a personal level. Every time a person accomplishes something in their routine, their self-esteem goes up. In the dance world, people celebrate your ability with you and build you up.

It is hard work

You may think the above paragraph doesn’t ring true. However, let me explain it to you. A dancer has to learn how every part of her body works. They have to be as strong as a football player. Their endurance must be much stronger. Where a football player takes hits from other players, the full weight of their body hits them with every jump, stretch, and move. They must have the agility of an olympic swimmer. They must be able to move their body into extreme positions, without the water to support them. They must be able to leap and be fully aware of everything and everyone around them.

While they are doing all of this things simultaneously, they must be able to concentrate on the other dancers and be so into the music that it feels like it is part of them. Finally, they have to do all of this with grace, class, and a smile.

Dance teaches perseverance, dedication, and drive.


A dancer does not look at food like the rest of us. They learn what they need for long term energy, quick energy, bone strength, mental awareness, and concentration. Food is a tool. Even sugar and some fats are needed to balance the body of a dancer.


There was a time when most kids took dance. That trend is returning. As parents are learning that dance is a way to make their children healthy, happy, confident, and brave, they are turning back to it. It is not just for girls. There are plenty of famous hip-hop dancers.

In a world where weak people try to make others feel as bad as they do, we must equip our kids with tools that work. Dance is one of those tools.


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