Fall into a New Routine

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In just a few days it will be September 21, the official first day of fall. I don’t know where you live, but it’s been fall here since the first week of September. I’m bummed that summer is gone but I do love getting out for crisp, lovely fall hikes! And I just read that Canada is expected to have a long, warm fall as long as late November!

Before you bust out the blankets and get hygge, challenge yourself to stick to an active outdoor lifestyle at least until the snow hits the ground (and even after then, but one step at a time).

To help motivate you, I’m sharing some of my favourite things to do outdoors during the fall, and my secrets that help keep me going (even if it’s a little chilly).

Fall Walks

I originally thought I would put fall hikes because the mountains are spectacular in the fall! But not everyone lives near mountains or has the ability to get out for that long. Let’s be real, school and after school sports have begun, leaving families with less free time.

There’s nothing better than going for a long, fall walk to take in all the sensory experiences the season has to offer, and you can do it from wherever you live. From the smell of crisp air filled with the odour of dead leaves and the colourful changing leaves, you’ll be happy you made a walk a staple in your daily routine.

Yes, I said daily! The days are still long-ish so get out right after work or school, even if it’s a lap around the block.

Gorgeous fall sunset, just a mile from my home

Switching from sandals to shoes and boots can be uncomfortable as our feet get used to different footwear. To help ease any discomfort, I wear my Dr. Scholl’s Comfort & Energy Massaging Gel Insoles, especially on longer walks to make sure I can comfortably keep moving without having to turn back early. These insoles are great for foot and leg fatigue, with gel waves that massage the most sensitive areas of my foot.

Get Active

If you’re looking for a little more activity, there are lots of options to keep you going during the fall. If you’re really adventurous, join a fall sports league, or get your family out to play a new sport like soccer or football. If sports aren’t your thing, check out fun outdoor activities happening in your area each week, like apple picking or going to a pumpkin patch. I know what you’re thinking, the aches and pains that come with physical activity can be a deterrent (even if it’s picking up a few pumpkins), especially if it affects your sleep. I keep ALEVE Nighttime on my nightstand so I don’t have to worry. ALEVE Nighttime relieves my muscle aches and pains for up to 12 hours, plus it has a sleep aid to help me fall asleep and stay asleep.

All the Soup!

My absolute favourite part of the cooling weather is to start making Grandma’s stew again! I love it because it’s cheap (especially if you stick to a veggie based stew), warm, comforting, and oh so tasty!

Here are the basics of my grandma’s recipe:

  • Vegetable stock
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Green onion
  • Yellow onion
  • Turnip

Add french onion or chicken noodle soup mix for extra flavour!

Seasonal Crafts

I’m not one for crafts, but now that I’m subbing in elementary schools, I’m remembering how fun fall art projects were. Tracing leaves with crayons and making a fall frame using sticks, and gluing leaves, stones and dried flowers to the frame. Fun! When TyTy is older, we’ll definitely do a bunch of crafts!

Our family is always looking for new fall activities to do together, what are your favourite things to do during the fall season?

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.


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