It’s funny, when I was recovering from my C-section and only allowed to go for walks, I was so bored and so anxious to get running. Five months later, I’m back at work as well as taking care of the baby, and I find walks with him to be a relaxing time for the two of us to bond and make sounds at each other. It helps that the leaves are falling but it’s still warm, making a comfortable and beautiful landscape for walking.

Friday- Easy 1.15 miles

After working in the morning, TyTy and I ran errands and enjoyed the crisp, warm air.

Saturday- 4 mile walk

After Ace’s football game, little Ryan and I walked out to my in-laws place just outside of town and back. We logged about 4 miles on that sunny Saturday.

Sunday- 60 minute hot yoga & 1.85 mile walk

Are you sensing a pattern? I just love getting out and walking with Ty these days! It’s so relaxing!

Monday- Nothing

Is there anything more tiring than subbing in an elementary class? Phew! It takes a lot of energy, both physical and mental.

Tuesday- 2.76 mile walk

I really enjoy walking to run errands. It gets Ty and I outside, gets my body moving and I cross things off my checklist.

Wednesday- 50 minutes spin

We had to go to Calgary for Ryan’s doctor appointment and I was able to squeeze in spin before we left! I LOVE this class! I push myself so hard and get such a killer workout in.

Thursday- Nothing

I really think the only way I’ll fit in a workout on days I teach AND have kids sports in the evenings is if I get up at 5am. Yuck! 😛

How was your week? Anyone else getting out and enjoying the changing season?


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