You may not believe me when I say this, but I do wear normal clothes. Granted, I spend most of my free time in activewear. But lately, when I teach or go out, I try to switch it up and play with style. I don’t need to spend a lot or even need to change out of my leggings to dress up. It’s all about accessories. Here is a list of statement pieces that can transform any wardrobe.

A New Choker

I wore these in the 90s! Back and trendier than ever, the choker necklace has confirmed its place in fashion history. The jewelry icon is always flattering, adding an instant sense of sophistication and allure no matter the material. From ribbon to velvet, lace to pearls, diamonds to pearls, there’s an iteration of the necklace for everyone. From “dog collars” in the 40s to the Maasai’s stacked beads, the necklace of renown spans cultures across the ages and continents. There are styles galore to choose from.

What makes them so popular? Like a tucked-in waist will bring attention to a trim line, chokers have a thinning effect. Upgrade a basic white T-Shirt to trendy perfection with the most discrete choker, or a thick leather band. You can’t go wrong, though this year the hottest trend seems to be either the 90s plastic rainbows or bejeweled in gems and gold.

A Pair of Earrings

Although the smallest in size, earrings are some of the loudest pieces you can have in your wardrobe. They are closest to your face and eyes, which is what people are usually most drawn to. With this in mind, you may want to invest in a pair that matches your eye colour, or brings it out. For instance, purples and yellows can call out green, while blues are often best paired with another blue.

Earrings also frame your face. The shape and size of both your face and the earrings themselves will determine to what extent. Smaller does not mean less effective, however, as we already mentioned colours boost your beauty immediately. Delicate earrings can have a similar effect, demanding the attention of the viewer to focus on the intricacies of the piece. Shapes, patterns, and carvings that remind us of plants are a classic and for good reason. Feminine and subtle earrings that mimic nature can transform an entire outfit. I am biased because of my passion for the Great Outdoors. But think about how much jewelry design mirrors the trees, the moon, or the ocean. Our natural world influences artisans in the most direct way. If you want to find a new pair, check out a variety of earrings on – you’re going to have a tough time picking just one pair.

Fancy Flats

Shoes are another accessory that will transform a look. A lot of women’s shoes on the market are painful to wear or walk in. They can look fantastic, but feel absolutely terrible. And with my foot injury, walking in heels every day is not a possibility. What if I told you there were shoes available that are both stylish and comfortable? Flat shoes that not only give a finishing touch to any outfit, but allow you to be as active as you love to be. A statement shoe with a purpose is possible with woven shoes. Made from plastic sourced from ocean debris, Rothy’s shoes are machine washable, meaning they are the ultimate can-do shoe.

A Hard-shelled Bag

Every accessory carries a specific tone and flavor. This season, it’s all about the hard-cased purse, which is great because I’ve always been partial to structured bags. Think baskets, see-through plastic, or funky handles like hoops. Here’s a perfect opportunity for matching. A gold hoop handle pairs beautifully with earrings of the same shape and hue.

A Silk Scarf

Ooh la la! Versatile and functional, silk scarves from Christian LaCroix will push any outfit to the next level. There’s a reason why Parisian women wear them on the daily. Wrapping a silk scarf around your head gives a retro vibe. You can also tie it around your neck, with the knot to the side. While there are plenty of high-brow options out there, they tend to look expensive. Add an accent of color or a bold print and you’ll look classy as ever. The bonus is they do keep you warm and feel great to the touch. You can also hide your scarf into your neck, if you want only a hint of it to show.

A single accessory can turn a basic look into a high-fashion statement. Maximize on accessories and you’ll have a whole new wardrobe in the blink of an eye.

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