Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fit4Less. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s been more than six months since I had my baby and I’m still carrying an extra 16 pounds. With my background in kinesiology, athletics and fitness, I can tell you exactly why I’m not seeing results:


I think a lot of people are currently living a lifestyle similar to mine. You have a great week where your schedule falls into place and you hit a couple classes, get in a couple runs and hit the gym for strength training; all in one week. Woo hoo! What a week! But then the next week, you have a crazy schedule and you get in one workout. Sound familiar?

I literally described what’s going on with me right now. My main excuses are time (adjusting to being a working mom) and the fact that I live 35 minutes away from my gym. Right now, that’s not much of an excuse because the weather is lovely and I can get outside for a run or walk.

What I’m struggling with right now is consistency. And it’s going to get waaaay worse when the weather turns! Last year I didn’t have a gym membership and we had a freezing winter with icy sidewalks. I wound up doing inconsistent workouts in my living room while the dogs bugged me the whole time.

At Home Workouts Don’t Work For Me

I have used apps for at home workouts but I simply do not work out as hard in my home. I’ve learned that I need the gym environment with no distractions in order to get a really good sweat session in.  I need the gym environment to push myself, it’s just too easy to slack off in your living room. Not to mention get distracted by the laundry, dishwasher and a crying baby.

Hit the Gym and Avoid Distractions

If you’re in need of a gym this winter but you’re not so hard core that you can justify an expensive membership,  Fit4Less is a great option!

There are two membership option available; 4Less Card ($4.99 every 2 weeks), and the Black Card ($10.99 every 2 weeks). That means you can have access to a gym environment with high quality equipment for $10-$20 a month!

Besides the cost, there are a few other perks of Fit4Less including being open 24 hours. Anyone can attest to how convenient it is to go to the gym any time of any day depending on your schedule.

My bestie and go-to workout buddy Cat has been a member at Fit4Less for awhile. She’s a busy mom of two who juggles watching her kids and managing her house, watching TyTy when I work, and working as a hairdresser. She needed a convenient place she could go anytime.

I went with Cat to check out the Lethbridge facility and I’ve missed belonging to the same gym as her. We had so much fun together!

And this gym was hopping! We went on a Sunday morning and I expected it to be dead, but it was pretty busy.

I expected this to be a no-frills gym with no classes and basic equipment and was surprised that it was the opposite. It was huge with tons of new equipment. They also have extra amenities forBlack Card members such as unlimited tanning and massage chairs.

I love fitness classes, it brings out my competitive side and I thought this was an amenity Fit4Less didn’t offer but they do. They have a virtual class schedule for both spin and cardio. But in addition to their virtual schedule, they have workout classes you can access anytime.

Picking our workout

Cat and I did a strength training workout and then for fun did a Jazz dance workout. It was so much fun! We laughed and laughed as we practiced our moves.

Dancing up a storm

This is so convenient! To be able to come in and take a class at your convenience is awesome.

We had so much fun, we want to start going together once a week and having fun workouts.


Back to the purpose of this post. To stress to you that if you want to see results, whether it’s to lose weight, get stronger or change your body composition, you have to be consistent. A killer workout once a week isn’t going to cut it.

I need to lift consistently if I want to get strong enough to lift TyTy soon

I’m currently working to never go more than one day without at least taking a 30-minute walk. I’m trying to establish the consistency I need to take see results.

Wish me luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fit4Less. All opinions are 100% mine.

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