November Link Love

I wake up an extra 10 minutes so that I can sip coffee and read blogs and online articles. I often share my faves on Twitter, but I thought maybe I should also share on my blog for those not on Twitter.

Below are some of the most interesting articles I read this past month.


Since having TyTy, I’ve been struggling with consistent workouts. Here’s what happens to your body when you stop working out. Sportluxe also shares what happens on a week by week basis.

Outside magazine shared a minimalist strength workout and a great 15 minute body weight workout. I’ve bookmarked both for the days I can’t get to the gym and want to get in a quick workout in the living room.

Sitting all day is super hard on your body. When I worked a desk job, I noticed the rather flat butt’s of the women who had worked in an office for 20+years. Well & Good shares some exercises to fight “dead butt syndrome.”

Winter is here! I hate running outside in the cold, so I’m always looking for some good cold weather running tips. 

Healthy Eating

I love a good list, this one of 26 tips for healthier eating is great! P.S. Who eats lying down? Is that possible?

Healthy Mind

Another list! This one has 25 simples ways to balance your mind, body, and soul.

Healthy Life

This is a summary of an interview where and expert weighs in on current wellness trends such as time-restricted eating (intermittent fasting), saunas,  and supplements.

Other Interesting Links

I love Zodiac stuff because for me, it’s usually spot-on! This link shares the one phrase your sign doesn’t want to hear. Mine was “I’m too tired to go to out; let’s just stay in.” YAAAAS!

I had to share this article about Rowan University banning athletes working out in sports bras because it was “too distracting to the football players.” I was one of the first girls in my high school to strip off a shirt when running in the heat and it was met with disapproval too.  And sports bras aren’t sexy! They squash your boobs down and in my case, make you look like a man. Ha ha!

I learned in my Physical Education courses that specializing kids before they are teens in one sport leads to burn out and does not produce a super star. This article reinforces the belief that kids need multiple sports to learn different skills when they are young.

Have you read anything super interesting lately?


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