I have another gift guide for ya, this time sharing gifts for the runner in your life! I like my gifts to be items people can use right away, so these can all be used indoors or for winter running.
And because I loved the last Christmas GIF from Community, here is another one. Seriously, go watch the Glee episode of this TV show. Britta’s singing is me if I were to try an sing. Ha ha!
And thanks to the company SPI, one lucky reader won a  SPIbeams LED arm band !
*** Giveaway is now over ***

Running Belt

I love running belts that don’t look like fanny packs! You have to carry all your stuff somehow so the SPIbelt® is just the right size to bring your phone, keys, and ID/debit card. There’s also a headphone port if you want to be old school and use wire headphones to listen to your music. 😛 I have one ready to go when I start training again.
Price: $19.99


Did you know they make hats with lights in the brim? I didn’t, so I was so stoked when I got a SPIbeams™ LED Hat!  This hat is battery operated and has an easy to use on/off switch. Made from breathable material, the SPIbeams™ LED Hat allows you to remain cool, bright, and safe.This will be perfect for those morning or evening runs in the winter darkness. I’ll also be dependent on this hat when I go camping next year too! No more carrying a flashlight into the bush too pee!

Price: $29.99

SPIbeams Arm Band

The SPIbeams Arm Band is a safety item that provides 360 degrees of ultra-high visibility during low light activities. It’s a perfect way to make sure drivers can see you on those cold, dark winter runs.The LED Arm Band has a battery life of 8 hours and is USB rechargeable for lasting use.

Price $29.99

Posture Correcting ActiveWear

Office workers rejoice! They actually invented activewear that helps correct your slumped computer shoulders!

I tested out a shirt and WOW was I ever impressed. No joke- this isn’t sponsored or paid- I absolutely loved this shirt! It pulled back my shoulders and lifted my back but it wasn’t too restrictive. I’ve tried posture correcting braces, but they dug into my arms. This shirt felt made my back feel good, and I plan to use it as an undershirt during the day to help correct my computer slump.

IntelliSkin has a line of activewear with PostureCue™ Technology to engage your underused posture muscles.  Depending on your level of posture fitness, wear it 30-60* minutes to start. Increase time as you become more comfortable. Wear it at work, play, pre/post workout, and when you travel.

Price: $45-120

The Benefits of Good Posture

IntelliSKin’s founder Dr. Tim Brown, shared 10 Tips for Life, my favourites were:

  1. No one can predict the future. Live in the now. Learn from the past, plan for the future, live right now
  2. Ask your gut, ask your heart. You have a brain in your gut.
  3. Nothing beats hard work and lifestyle change for long term improvement in health, skin, muscle tone and fitness.

Compression Socks

Oh man did compression socks ever change my life, both in running and hiking! Compression socks increase blood flow and maximum muscle containment for increased performance and enhanced recovery times. I definitely noticed a difference when I started wearing them, they also were AMAZING when I was pregnant and on my feet teaching all day.

I’m partial to 2XU because of their overall brand ethos.

Price: $30-$55 CND


Snow blindness is crazy! I never run outside in the winter without sunglasses. It can be grey and overcast but the light reflecting off the snow will burn your retinas out (figuratively, not literally). Why not support Canadians and get a pair of Goodr Sunglasses from the Canadian Trail Running Company? They’re polarized, have UV400 protection, and come in a variety of colours.

Price: $37

Foam Roller or Massage Ball

Now, there is a good chance the runner in your life already has a foam roller or a massage ball, so maybe hold on to the receipt just in case. But can I give you advice? The harder and knobbier the foam roller the better! there is nothing I love more than grinding my tight hips into a hard foam roller.

Price: $20-$60

Ear Warmers

Baby it’s cold outside! I think almost every runner appreciates Lululemon, but a pair of leggings doesn’t fall under budget. If you want to gift your Lulu obsessed friend something, you could go with the  Twisted Bliss ear warmers. Stick to a neutral black or grey so it matches every outfit, and your runner will likely wear it daily.

Price: $38

So there you have some gift ideas for that runner in your life. If any of my family or friends are reading this, I’m in need of sunglasses, compression socks, and ear warmers! 😉

What’s on your wish list runners?

SPIbeams Giveaway


Enter to win a SPIbeams LED ArmBand and stay safe on your dark, wintry runs! Open to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) from December 9- December 15.

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  • Cailyn December 10, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Totally hve those glasses on my list, led for my mother as even in the summer she is out and about before the sun even thinks of waking.

  • Leanne December 10, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    I would love to have a sweet reflective vest like the tracker 360 🙂


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