My brother Bruce and I did something a little crazy for New Years- we signed up for the Rock n’ Roll Seattle marathon in June. I have always said I had no desire to run a marathon, but when Bruce called to see if I wanted to tackle this with him, I couldn’t say no. There’s nothing better than tackling a goal with someone else to keep you accountable.

Training started up as soon as I returned from holidays and it’s starting very gently. Currently I run 2-3 miles 3x/week and then 4 miles on Saturday as a long run. It will be this low mileage for about three weeks and then each week, the miles will build.

I’m using these easy weeks to perfect my form and work on increasing my speed. For some reason, my natural pace was 12 minutes/mile. I’m trying to increase that to 10 min/mile.

So, let’s take a look at this week.

Friday- 2 hours skiing

I took my first of four ski lessons on Friday and man is that ever a workout! When you’re new, you basically live in athletic position ( a squat position) and my legs were jello by the end of the day!

Saturday- 4 miles

This was my first “long run”. Ah, the beginning phase is so nice. The chinook winds have melted all the snow, so I was able to get outside which I will try to do for as many runs as I can.

Sunday- Active rest- curling

I usually like going to yoga on Sundays, but instead I curled with Ryan and friends which made for a great rest day.

Monday- Strong by Zumba

Have you tried this workout yet? It’s a good one. It’s HIIT and you do a ton of different exercises including jumps. I totally landed wrong on one jump and fell to the gym floor with a loud bang! So embarrassing!

Tuesday- 2 miles

I waited until Ryan got home to sit with Ty and I did a quick two miles before it got dark. I find it takes my body a full mile before my legs feel warm and loose.

Wednesday- 3 miles, Fitband Booty workout, 10 minutes NTC Core Crusher

This was a great day! I didn’t book a sub job and I decided to make the most of the day off. First I went for a run with Ty on the newest path in town not knowing that it’s paved for the first mile and gravel for the last half mile. Here I thought running while pushing a stroller was hard, doing it in gravel is much tougher!

When I got home I did my Fitband booty workout and finished with 10 minutes of core on my Nike Training Club App.

P.S. I’ve partnered with Fitband for 25% off! Just order here and use the code BTLIVING.

Thursday- Nothing

I was scheduled to do two miles but I was soooooo sore from Wednesday and so tired from a long day of teaching and going straight to Ace’s basketball game that I called it. I’ll have to make sure on days with commitments after school, my only option will be 5 a.m. running. Yeesh!

So there you have it. I’m definitely sleeping hard these days with all the activity, but I’m feeling really good. I also noticed I’m feeling less anxiety too, probably because I’m too tired for my mind to run amok.

Anyone else have an event they’re training for?


  • NK January 15, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Good luck with your training! Can I ask what stroller you use when you run with Ty, and whether it’s working for you?

    • Rachel January 16, 2019 at 6:50 am

      Right now I have a Babytrend jogging stroller and it’s served me really well in good weather. It’s super smooth and on the small side for a jogging stroller which is nice. But it’s open carriage so with winter winds starting to blow and snow about to fall, I’m looking for a Chariot to keep him sheltered and dry.


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