You might’ve heard the term “New Age” before, but what exactly does it mean? New Age refers to a broad range of spiritual beliefs. Some of this spiritualism traces back to eastern religious practices, like Buddhism. Other practices became popular during the “Hippie” movement of the 1970s. The main purpose of New Age beliefs is to improve one’s mental wellness through meditation, astrology, and holistic health.

Whether you’re a fierce believer in New Age ideologies, or if you just enjoy its sensual and aesthetic qualities, here is some of the best New Age items to bring home in 2019!

1.    Journal

A journal is one of the most important items for mental wellness! You can record anything in a journal—dreams, thoughts, goals, fiction, poetry, and more! Whatever thoughts are clogging your head, get them ‘outta there and put them on the page. Writing things down in a journal is a great way to relieve stress and make sense of all the daily events that happen in your life. You’ll also be able to track how your thought processes change over time.

2.    Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are Native American in origin. Traditionally, dreamcatchers were charms that were placed over an infant’s cradle to “catch” bad dreams. Many people nowadays place dreamcatchers over their beds in hopes that it will do the same thing! Whether or not it works, a dreamcatcher makes for a beautiful and earthy piece of home décor.

3.    Aura Camera

Aura cameras are the latest rage in Santa Monica (especially after having been used by actress Gwyneth Paltrow for her Goop magazine). First off, what’s an aura? An aura is believed to be a colorful band of light that surrounds each and every person. It’s invisible, of course, but it’s there. Everyone has a distinct aura color depending on their state of happiness and their personality traits. What does an aura camera do? It takes a reading of your hand and creates an interpretation of your own personal aura. These are some of the most fun pictures to hang in your home!

4.    Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are also trending! These are hollowed blocks of Himalayan salt that have light bulbs placed inside. The result is a beautiful and earthy glow. It’s believed that salt lamps have numerous health benefits, like cleaning the air in your home and removing moisture from the air.

5.    Essential Oils

Essential oils have grown popular even outside of New Age circles. Essential oils are plants oils that can be applied to the skin for a variety of therapeutic causes. Some oils help relieve allergy irritation, while other oils just have pleasing aromas and will help you relax. What’s fun about essential oils is that there’s a large variety of them, and you can share and discuss your favorite oils with other enthusiasts. They’ve fostered a unique social circle of oil users across the globe.

6.    Crystals

Crystals are beloved for their gorgeous shapes and colors. They’re also believed to assist in healing. It’s thought that you can place crystals in any room and they’ll help clear out negative vibes and add positive energy to the space. Just like stress balls, you can rub crystals when you’re feeling stressed and they’ll help to make you feel more at ease. In New Age philosophy, it’s believed that each crystal has a different function.

7.    Candles

Candles are great for meditation. A dark room illuminated only by candles provides the perfect atmosphere for meditation. Candles also produce wonderful aromas that can help you feel relaxed. They come in all different colors, and it’s believed that each color is optimal for a different purpose. For example, you would want to light a pink candle during meditation if you’re contemplating your love life.

8.    Incense

Like candles, incense is perfect for meditation by providing a strong aroma that fill the room. These aromas can help you feel relaxed during meditation, and they’re believed to purify rooms. Incense is similar to essential oils in that each aroma is believed to be optimal for a different purpose.

9.    Hanging Bells

Hanging bells are essentially wind chimes, but they’re used for meditation. While you’re meditating, you can hang these bells above the room you’re in and they’ll make a lovely, soft sound that enhances the ambience.

Most of these New Age trinkets have been used since early civilizations, and they’re still popular today! Awaken your spirit today with these excellent items.

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