I totally forgot to post last Friday! It’s been a hectic January as I got back into a working groove and began running training. Not to mention, Tynan is getting so interactive and so demanding every day! I’ll recap my last two weeks to play catch up.

Remember my post on how consistency is the only way to see results? Well, I’m three weeks in to running four times a week and I’m seeing myself get faster and my endurance increase with every run. It’s so awesome what our bodies are capable of!

Friday- Rock climbing for Girls Night Out

I had sore muscles in places I didn’t know existed after just an hour of bouldering with the girls!

Saturday- 4 mile run

The weather was nice enough that I got to take my run outside, which is always nice!

Sunday- Two Hours of Skiing

I had my second ski lesson which is such a workout for the legs! Especially when you’re learning and ploughing a lot. My hips were so tight after!

Monday- Easy 1 mile Walk

We took advantage of the warm day and walked to the Post Office and back after work.

Tuesday- 3 mile run & weights

My brother had messaged me that his 3 miler’s were getting faster which pushed me to work on speeding up too.

I made a mistake of overdoing it on the weights. I love weight training and once I start I get in the zone. This evening, I got too in the zone and pushed it until it hurt to walk for the next couple days! Whoops!

Wednesday- 1.5 miles

This was supposed to be a 3 mile run but I tried to do it at home during nap time. Baby woke up halfway through and was so demanding the rest of the day that I never finished my planned run. I vowed to always take it outside or to the gym next time.

Thursday- 3 miles and abs

I ran another 3 miles on the treadmill. It’s so boring! But I’m just not hardcore enough to take it out in the cold.

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- 5 mile run

It was a GORGEOUS day for an outside run! On my long runs I don’t worry about pace, I worry about enjoying myself and running the entire distance.

Sunday- Nothing

Monday- Nothing

Tuesday- 2 mile run and abs

I’m using these short runs as a way to focus on speed.It’s so cool to see how the running is slowly getting easier.

Wednesday- 3 mile run

I struggled on this run. The treadmill is getting real old real fast. It should be warming up enough for me to take it outside again soon.

Thursday- 3 mile run

I couldn’t handle the thought of another treadmill run and so when the temperatures said 0C, I was running outside no matter what the wind was doing and despite the snowy running path. It made for a slightly slower run than I’ve been trying, but it felt so good to be outside!

How was your week? Anyone else training for an upcoming event?

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