January Link Love

Can you believe we’re looking at February already?! This was probably the fastest January I’ve ever experienced!


How often do you replace your sports bras? I have one I’ve been wearing for 14 years and the recommended replacement schedule is every 6-12 months! WHOOPS!

Healthy Eating

I will do anything to try and keep my skin looking healthy. Eating the right foods is low cost and totally doable! So is drinking a lot more green tea. I’m a coffee person, but maybe I’ll replace my daytime coffees with the green stuff.

Healthy Mind

I LOVED this article on realistic ways to reinvent yourself. New Years is always when we make resolutions to become the best version of ourselves, and this shares some ways to do just that.

Healthy Life

There are a ton of articles this month about resolutions and goals for 2019. This one about doing more of what you love versus setting big goals really spoke to me.

Want to be ‘in’ this year? This post about the 2019 beauty, travel, and health trends will help. I’m already on the booty band trend and I WANT to try mushroom elixirs, I hear people raving about them. And I would LOVE a vertical garden! Actually, that may be a way to solve my space issue with all my grandma’s plants at home! 

This article talks about how more sleep is the key to stressing less. Easier said than done with a baby though!

Other Interesting Links

Have you read “There’s No Such Bad Thing as Bad Weather” yet? If not, stop reading this and order a copy! Anyway, the author also blogs once in awhile and I loved her post about the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO).

This Norwegian cabin is to die for! Those views!! 

I laughed so hard at this article about how to trick your non-outdoorsy partner into doing things with you. I’ll be trying some of this trickery on Ryan! Ha ha!

I admire Heidi Powell so much! This boss babe is killing it with FIVE kids! Anyway, she shared her top five tips life lessons which are a quick and wonderful read. “Stop comparing yourself to others” is the one I need to heed. I would love to step up my blogging/social media to that of the full timers (with employees) but that’s just not realistic. I have to stay in my lane and do what’s manageable.

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